A Very Luxurious Bronzer

Today’s post is about a bronzer that is well known in the blogosphere and has been around for a while. Most people either tend to absolutely love it or really dislike it. I, for one. have been literally lusting after this for absolute ages but being a student on a budget I just couldn’t ever justify spending a little fortune on a bronzer even if it’s Chanel.

Since I passed all of my midterms and my mom got a discount she surprised me with the Soleil tan de Chanel in the beginning of December and hardly any make up item has ever made me so happy. This bronzer is just so luxurious and beautiful.


The packaging is so classic and typically Chanel. You can go ahead and make fun of me now(just like the rest of my family did) but I didn’t use this bronzer for a weeks after I got it. I just didn’t want to touch it and destroy its beauty. However, I did end up trying it out of course because firstly I’ve been dying to add this to my collection and secondly it’s to expensive to just be sitting there on my shelve looking all beautiful and perfect.


So was it worth waiting for this long? For me it definitely was. I’m more on the pale side and this bronzer really isn’t lying when it claims to match universally. I was definitely worried that it would be too dark on me and would make me look like I’d rubbed my face in mud instead of that sun-kissed look everyone wants to achieve but my worries were all for nothing. The texture is so velvety and creamy and though it’s easy to go a bit overboard with the bronzing as it’s so pigmented it real blends like a dream and melts in with the skin so nicely you can definitely correct it should you apply a bit too much.


This bronzer makes my skin look nicely bronzed in a really natural way. I mostly use this to just bronze my face but it also makes a great base for contouring.  Since it is a cream bronzer I was really curious on how long it would last but it last pretty much all day on me, so there’s no need for a touch up. The bronzer is insanely pigmented and I only need the tiniest bit of product, so I do believe that it’s going to last me a very very long time!


Even though I love the packaging it’s definitely not very travel friendly. It’s quite huge and really chunky and takes away a lot of space in my make up bag as well as in my make up drawers. Apart from that I really love this bronzer!

Yes, it’s really pricey but it will give you the most natural fresh looking bronzed glow and it will probably last you forever. If you want to treat yourself to something luxurious or if you want to invest your money into a really good make up product which will last you and does exactly what it’s supposed to you might want to add this to your wish list.

I couldn’t be happier with my bronzer and should I ever run out of it (which I sure won’t in the near future) I’d definitely repurchase it.

Have you tried this bronzer? What is your favorite luxurious product in your make up collection?

Thanks for reading,


My favorite (Make Up Related) Christmas Present

Unfortunately it’s now safe to say that Christmas is well and truly over and New Years Eve is coming up soon. I’ve had a very lovely Christmas but now I’m excited to get back into blogging on a regular basis again. I, personally, genuinely enjoy reading the ‘What I got for Christmas’ posts but they are quite controversial and I definitely understand why. Hence, I decided not to do one but to instead just share my favorite make up item I got for Christmas. In general I got some lovely bits for Christmas but I mainly got money because I’m leaving for London tonight, where I’ll be staying until Friday, so my main wish for Christmas this year was some money, so I can buy lots of make up and other cool things over there.


But now back to my favorite present, which I actually got from my brother. One of my favorite make up brands has always been Mac. Mac was the first make up brand I ever really fell for, so I consider it to be kind of my first love (make up wise obviously). Each year Mac brings out the most gorgeous holiday collections and one thing I really wished for this year was a set of their pigments and my lovely brother surprised me with one!

I have to admit the first thing that caught my eye was the stunning packaging! I mean, just look at it! It’s so festive and sparkly and just absolutely beautiful! But the pigments themselves are just as beautiful and definitely don’t disappoint. I got the set that includes a mixture of beige and brown pigments as well as some gold glitter.


This was actually the one set I had my eyes one, so I was more than happy to unwrap this beauty under the Christmas tree. All of the shades included in this set (except for maybe the gold glitter which I will only use for special occasions) are perfect if you just want to sparkle up your every day make up as all shades, except for the brown one, are very shimmery. The brown shade is a dark matte one but can you ever go wrong with a matte dark brown shade? I don’t think so as it’s the perfect shade to use in your crease to add some definition to your eyes.

As you can tell I’m very much in love with this set and all of the pigments. I tried to take some pictures of the swatches but unfortunately my iPhone can’t do them justice. They are way more beautiful in reality!


As a little side not all of the fur items in this post are faux fur!

What is your favorite gift you received for Christmas this year?



Merry Christmas & One Year of Blogging

Hey there!

So today is just going to be a short little rambley kind of post. First of all it’s CHRISTMAS EVE! How very exciting! We’re going to have some lovely cake later, go to church at 5pm and then have a big Christmas dinner at 8. I can’t wait! But first of all I have to get all dolled up!

This year I was actually in charge of the dinner because I made the mistake of suggesting to make turkey, which can be quite a lot of work. On top of that I also decided to try out one of the fanciest cakes I’ve ever tried so far. I don’t know what got into me. It must have been the Christmas spirit. So please wish me luck that everything will go well food wise because what would Christmas be without some delicious and festive food? Kind ruined I guess. I can’t wait to share a post all about Christmas including my outfit, make up and the dinner I cooked  for my family with some help from my mom.

But now I just want to wish all of you a very very merry Christmas! Have a wonderful and blessed few days and may all your dreams and wishes come true!

Another thing that I almost forgot because I was so busy getting excited and preparing everything for Christmas – today is actually my 1 year blogiversary. I don’t know why I decided it was a good idea to start a blog on Christmas Eve but very late on December the 24th 2013, it might have been past midnight and the 25th already, I set up my WordPress account. I’d been wanting to start a blog for the longest time and when I got a new laptop and was all happy because it was Christmas I decided to finally go for it! Yay me! Honestly, I’m so glad though I did. When I started this blog I didn’t even know about the entire community that came with it. I had no idea about anything really.

I’m so glad I stuck with blogging and it’s quite cool to see how much my blog has changed from when I first started out. Now some bloggers have thousands of followers on Twitter and Instagram and bloglovin’ but I never started my blog with the intention of going anywhere big with it. All I wanted was to create my own little space on the Internet, where I could be entirely myself and just write about whatever my heart desires, so I’m more then content with having reached 450 followers here on WordPress. At first I didn’t even know there was such a thing as followers or subscribers, so I’m more than humbled to know that there are 450 people reading my blog. Every comment and every like just genuinely makes me so happy! Also I’ve met some incredibly amazing people through blogging, which turned out to be one of the best aspects about blogging for me!

My wish for the next year of blogging is to just continue to enjoy writing up posts and sharing some, hopefully interesting, content with you!


So once again I hope you have a merry Christmas and thanks so much to everyone who’s supported my blog! I can’t wait for the next year of blogging!

Much love,



My Artdeco Palette

Hey lovelies!

It’s Christmas Eve tomorrow! Who’s excited? I sure am. So I’ve talked to you about building up my own little eyeshadow palette with Artdeco before as my mom put 12 little eyeshadows in my beauty advent calendar for me. I know, I’m really lucky she did this for me and I couldn’t be happier with the shades she picked for me.


Building up an eyeshadow palette with the concept Artdeco uses is pretty much the easiest thing ever. They offer little boxes with the biggest one having room for up to 12 eyeshadows. The eyeshadow pans as well as the box you put them in are magnetic. This means that you can just easily pop them in and out. If you ever want to rearrange the colors or one is empty and you want to replace it or if you get bored of one shade and want to add a different shade it’s so easy to arrange them. So a big thumps up for that!


Another big plus is the wide variety of shades. They have an amazing color range in different finishes ranging from matte to shimmery or super glittery. If you can’t find enough gorgeous shades to put together a little palette with the choices you’re giving there must be something wrong with you. Obviously I haven’t tried every color from their collection but every shade I’ve tried so far ( around 14 in total I believe) has been of a really good quality. Each shade is very pigmented, super easy to blend and they last a fair share on the lid without a primer.


The only thing I’m missing when it comes to these eyeshadows is a cool name. I don’t know if it’s just me but I love when a make up product has a cool name. All of these eyeshadow just have numbers, which are printed on the lids (I’ve taken mine off) but you can also find them on the side of the little pan. Obviously this is just a minor thing though and I can only recommend trying out some Artdeco eyeshadows. They’re quality is amazing and I love their palette building system. It’s a super easy way to pick up some of your favorite shades and arrange them just the way you want without having to do any depotting or what-so-ever.

Here are some swatches of the shades I currently own.


(Top row including the shades 373 19s, 544 26s, 30 51k, 380 21s, 378 23s, 206 14s)


(Bottom row including the shades 271 27s, 314 44p, 316 24s, 311 40p, 45 31p, 38 40p)

I’m really happy with the shades my mom picked for me because now I have a nice range of nudes, browns and neutrals but I also have some great shades to use for a glittery smokey eye.

Have you ever tried any Artdeco products? What do you think of their palette building system?

Thank you for reading!



My Top 5 Red Lip Products for Christmas


I’m a lover of red lips all year around but I always feel like Christmas is the one perfect occasions for everyone to get that red lippie out of the back of your make up drawers. Since Christmas is coming up in just a few days I thought I’d share some of my favorite lip products for the season with you. Whether you prefer a matte, a cream or a lip gloss I’m sure this includes something for everyone.


Essence Lip Liner in Femme Fatale 

I’ve featured this beauty in two previous posts lately but I’ve been using it almost every day and I just think it’s a perfect red for this season. Obviously you can use this liner to just line your lips but I prefer to use it as a lipstick and actually fill in my whole lips with this. It’s incredibly soft and creamy and surprisingly long-wearing. Plus at around 95 cents this is  also by far the cheapest option you could possibly find. Like ever!


Rimmel London Lasting Finish Lipstick in 166 Temptation

This lipstick is by far the darkest shade I’m including in this post but I feel like it’s still a shade that is not dark enough to be too intimidating to wear. The color reminds me a bit of red vine and I find it’s just stunning a stunning color. The formula of this lipstick feels quite moisturizing on the lips and it’s very long-lasting. I’ve had this lipstick for quite some time now and I think it might have been discontinued but you can definitely still find it online on Amazon or Ebay.


Sephora Cream Lip Stain in Always Red

 This one might actually be one of my favorite lip products ever. First of all it’s a perfect classic red shade with blue undertones, which suits my complexion best, it’s matte but not drying at all and incredibly long-lasting. It’s nearly perfection. If there’s one thing you need to get from Sephora it’s this one. Seriously though, this cream lip stain is amazing and if I ever want a matte red lip that needs to stay on, this is the product I’m reaching for without a doubt.


Mac Ruby Woo

I feel like I don’t even need to explain this one. Ruby Woo is definitely one of Mac’s cult lipsticks and I’m pretty sure everyone that’s ever been somewhat interested in make up has heard of this lipstick. It’s just the most classic red that suits almost every skins type. Some people are not so happy with the formulation as this lipstick is known to be a bit drying but whenever I want to wear this I use a good old lip scrub and apply a nourishing lip balm before applying Ruby Woo and I’m good to go and can enjoy this lipstick without it drying out my lips.


Chanel Lip Gloss in 106

In general I’m not much of a lip gloss fan but this one is absolutely gorgeous. I bought this for my high school graduation in the summer of 2013 and so many people complimented me on it. It’s more of a cherry red and it’s pretty glittery as it includes stunning golden shimmer particles. Despite many other glosses this one is not sticky at all and feels so nice on the lips. But considering it’s Chanel and the price you have to pay for this I wouldn’t expect anything less. So if you’re into lip glosses and you like to play it down a bit this might be one to look into.


Do you like to wear a red lip over the holidays? Which one is your favorite?



Some Shiny New Things

Hey everyone!

I actually have a little haul for you today! I’ve been accumulating just a few make up bits over the last few weeks, so I thought why not put them all together in one little post. Some are newer than others and some I haven’t even had the chance to try yet. But let’s get into it anyway, shall we?


Artdeco Palette

I’ve talked about my Artdeco palette in my what’s in my advent calendar post before! As you can see it’s filled up quite a lot since then and I’m only missing two more shades! Eeek! So far I’ve loved every single shade I’ve discovered in my advent calendar. I just love the idea of how you can build palettes with the brand Artdeco and I think I might do a full post on the palette once it’s complete.


Soleil Tan de Chanel

Okay, so I’ve been lusting after this beauty for months now but I could never justify spending this high of an amount on a bronzer. As much as I wanted it, I really couldn’t. But my mom is a loyal customer of this beauty store close to where we live and every few months she gets a 30% discount on all products, so she got this one for me as a little gift because I passed all of my midterm exams! Yay! Go me! Passed all my exams and got the bronzer of my dreams. But anyway.. this bronzer is an absolute beauty and so luxurious. It took me a week to finally get myself to use it because I just didn’t want to even touch it before. It’s just so stunning.


Essence Lip Liner in Femme Fatale

I blogged about this yesterday and gave a full review of it. I discovered this amazing lip liner in my beauty advent calendar a few days ago and I’ve been loving it since. The color is stunning and the texture is amazing. If you want to read more just read the full review.


NYX Powder Blush in Taupe

Apparently this is one of the best blushes for contouring for girls with pale skin that you can possibly get. I’ve read the best reviews about this one and since I’m pale and can’t ever get enough products I decided that I needed this in my life, so I went out and bought it. I’ve only tried it once so far, so obviously I can’t give a review on it but I’m excited to fully test this out in the next few days/weeks.


Milani Baked Blush in 08 Corallina

Milani is another brand I’ve heard amazing things of and that I’ve been wanting to try for the longest time and now I finally ordered one of their blushes. Just look at it! How stunning is this! It’s one of the prettiest blushes I’ve ever laid my eyes on and I can’t wait to try it out because this literally just came in today. It’s the most stunning coral blush and I’m beyond excited to give this a good swirl.


This already completes my little haul. Hope you enjoyed reading it.

Have you bought anything lately?



A Femme Fatale Red


I’ve proclaimed my love for the Essence lip liners before, so when I found the shade Femme Fatale in my advent calendar I couldn’t wait to try it out. I mean, who doesn’t love a bold red lip? I know I’ve given a review on two of my favorite liners from this range already but I liked this one so much I had to give it its own post.


The reason why I’ve developed a slight obsession with the Essence lip liners is that they are so soft and easy to apply, they are very long-lasting, they have a great range of colors and on top of all that they are ridiculously affordable. What more could you want? I sure can’t think of anything else.

I think Femme Fatale is the 5th shade from their range, that I can now add to my little collection, and I must say it might become my new favorite one. First of all the name is quite cool but the color is just stunning. It’s the most gorgeous bold red with slight blue undertones. Since I’m quite pale I tend to go for reds with blue undertones as they suit my complexion best, however, since this liner just has a slight blue undertone to it I could still imagine that this shade would suit quite a lot of different people.



The texture of this lip liner is just as amazing as from the ones I’ve already tried. It’s velvety and soft and literally a dream to apply. I find that a lot of lip liner are often quite hard which makes it difficult if you want to fill in your whole lips with them. This one definitely doesn’t fit into that category as it’s just so soft ( I know I’m repeating myself but I’m just so obsessed with the texture of this. Sorry!) Anyway… I’m in love with this color and I think it’s quite fitting for Christmas, so I know I’ll be wearing this a lot during the rest of the holiday season for sure!

Have you tried any of the Essence lip liners? Which one is your favorite?



An Old Favorite – Mac’s Well Dressed

IMG_3913 IMG_5552 IMG_1459

It’s another Monday but for once this one’s not too bad because I have my very final seminar of the semester today! Whooop Whoop! Tomorrow I have one more exam and then I can go home for Christmas. I literally can’t wait. But today I don’t want to talk to you about Uni. Today’s post is all about an old favorite of mine – Mac’s Well Dressed as you might have been able to guess from the title.

I’m not sure whether this was my first ever blush or my first blush by a more high end brand but I’ve had it for the longest time now and I’ve been loving it ever since I first applied it to my cheeks. Well Dressed is the most gorgeous subtle soft pink that gives you this really naturally flushed look. In my opinion it’s the most perfect blush for a causal every day make up look.

In general I already prefer powder blushes but this one really tops them all. It just feels so soft and velvety and perfect. The pigmentation is just right. It’s pigmented enough but not so much that it’s easy to go overboard and it blends like an absolute dream. It was one of my first ever blushes and it’s definitely a great blush to start out with because it suits a lot of skin colors and a subtle pink should be a part of every blush collection.

As you can see from the picture mine is quite dirty but also very well loved! I can only recommend this gorgeous blush and it’s definitely a favorite of mine that’ll never get old.

Thanks for reading!



The Christmas Tag


The other day I was tagged to do the Christmas Tag by the lovely Emily (definitely make sure to check out her blog over here) and because I love Christmas and the weather is absolutely horrendous today and is preventing me from my plans to go out and get some Christmas shopping done, I thought why not do this tag today, so here we go!

What is your favorite Christmas movie? Great! The first one is already a tough one. Hmm… I think I have to narrow it down to two and they would have to be the Grinch and Nightmare Before Christmas.

Do you open you presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas Morning? For some reason we always open ours on Christmas Eve. Basically what we do on Christmas Eve is we have a festive dinner with the whole family, then we go to Church and when we come back it’s time to open our presents. That’s just the way we have always done it. I usually spent half of Christmas Morning in my PJ’s before I have to get ready because we usually go out somewhere fancy with the whole family that day.

Do you have a favorite Christmas memory? I don’t really think I do. When I was little Christmas was always this magical time of the year and I have lots of memories from back then but I could never pick a favorite. Maybe one Christmas that stands out to me in particular was the one I spent in Louisiana. That was definitely one of the best Christmases!

Favorite Festive Food? Not gonna lie, I’m probably the fussiest eater ever. There are so many things I don’t eat but one thing I love is turkey. This year I’ve talked my family into making turkey for Christmas and my parents said if I cook it they would order one. I jokingly said yes but now they have actually ordered one and I’m stuck with having to cook it now. I’m not sure how that’s going to work out and I hope my family won’t have to starve over Christmas because I messed up the turkey but we’ll see.

Favorite Christmas gift? That’s impossible to pick. I love every gift I receive. It’s the thought that counts anyway, right? ;)

Do you have any Christmas Eve traditions? Does going to church count?

What tops your tree? Something different every year, to be honest. It’s always fun to mix it up.

As a kid what was one of the crazy things you always asked for but never received? A tiger. Tigers were my favorite animals and still are one of my favorite animals today (though I’m terrified of cats. Not very logical, I know). I wanted a tiger so bad and one of my best friends got a little bunny, so I couldn’t understand why my parents wouldn’t buy me a baby tiger. I mean, look at them. They’re so cute and they can protect you from thieves and bad people. My parents weren’t convinced by my arguments but I eventually got a dog when I was older, so that’s cool too.

What’s the best thing about Christmas for you? Basically just being home and reunited with my family. I just love cooking together and watching movies together and getting all dressed up. Everything looks so festive and almost everyone seems to be in such high spirits. Usually most of my friends from high school are in town, so I can catch up with them as well. Christmas is just the best.

I love reading these type of posts and I love everything Christmas related, so I’m tagging everyone that wants to do this tag! Do it and let me know, so I can read it!

Have a lovely day!

Thanks for reading!



How Blogging Has Changed Me


I can’t quite believe it myself but at the end of this month my little blog turns 1! How crazy is that? When I first set up an account here on WordPress it was just for fun and I didn’t think I was going to stick with it for an entire year and even less, find a hobby I enjoy doing this much. Now I might not have the biggest following, the fanciest writing style, the most stunning photos or the prettiest blog design but blogging is something I genuinely enjoy doing and I’m glad I created my own little space on the Internet as it has changed me, personally, in quite a few good ways.


Blogging requires you to be fairly creative as you constantly have to come up with new ideas for blog posts, ways to improve your photography or maybe you’re good with design and you’re always working on making your blog design even pretties. I’ve written and published 247 posts on my blog so far and if I think about that now that’s quite a lot. Now some might be more interesting and creative than others but I honestly never thought I’d find so much to blog about when I typed up my first post. My blog pictures aren’t the most beautiful ones out there but they have improved massively from when I first started and though I’m not perfectly content with them I feel like I’m on the right track. In general I just feel like I’ve really become so much more creative through blogging and I’m really happy about that.

Organization/Time Management

I have to admit I still haven’t mastered time management and being organized entirely but it has improved greatly from just a year a go. I keep a little notebook with me at all times now in which I write ideas down for blog posts. I sometimes write up a schedule of when I want to post what and this has definitely helped me with uni work as well. I may not always write it down but I have a little plan in my head of what I really want to get done each day and quite surprisingly I manage to stick to that little plan most of the time.


I’ve always admired those people, who would wear whatever they want to no matter what others might say. Though I’ve moved around quite a lot I spent the last few years of High School in a relatively small town with a bunch of very judgmental people. I’ve always believed that the way you do your makeup and the way you dress can (doesn’t necessarily have to but can) be a way of expressing yourself, yet I never felt confident to sport that bold red lip or those fancy heels. I would sit at home and try out the most unique make up looks but I was never brave enough to wear them outside of the house in fear of being judged by others. Nowadays I really couldn’t care less. If I spent a little fortune on a lipstick I might as well wear it proudly, right? I wore bright orange or pink lips a lot this summer when I was back home and though some people might have looked a me like ‘what the hell’ I didn’t give a damn anymore. I only live once and just because some people in a little town no one knows of anyway don’t like the color lipstick I’m wearing it’s not going to stop me from wearing it anyway. Judge all you want.

Doing Something

Before blogging I spent most of my free time browsing the Internet for hours or watching YouTube videos and my favorite shows whenever I wasn’t busy with school, later on Uni work, or hanging out with friends. Obviously I still watch my favorite shows and browse the Internet for make up and fashion stuff but I spend a good amount of time on my blog as well. I really try to take my time for writing my posts and taking my pictures as I feel like quality is always more important than quantity. I write lists of blog post ideas and I try out different make up looks I could blog about. Basically I now feel like I’m actually doing something useful with my free time and like I am accomplishing something because it makes me so happy whenever someone likes a post of mine or leaves a thoughtful comment.

These are just a a few ways in which blogging has changed me as a person and I fee like for those reasons alone starting a blog was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Has blogging changed you in any way and if yes how?

Thanks so much for reading!