Cold Days. Dark Lips – Makeup Revolution Lipstick in Vamp

Hey lovelies !
Happy Friday! I can’t express my happiness about this week finally being over. I had to give a presentation and lead a discussion on American politics and well basically it’s just been a really busy week and I’m glad I’m finally getting a bit of a break. I’m really excited as I’m finally going to see my best friend again and I haven’t seen her in almost a month. But enough of me rambling now.

Today’s post is about dark lips! Now the darkest I’ve ever gone is Mac Diva, which is a pretty dark red but not nearly as dark as many other lipsticks out there. I’ve always really loved the look of pale skin and a really dark lip. I don’t really know why. Maybe it’s because of the contrast. So when I recently went on the Makeup Revolution website and spotted their super affordable lipsticks I decided it was finally time to bare it all and get a really dark one. One of the shades I got was Vamp, which is a super dark purple, that looks almost black in the bullet.


Since they are so super affordable I thought why not just try it out and if I feel like it’s not for me it’s not like I’ve wasted a big amount of money. So even though it’s not going to become one of my every staples I’m really into this lipstick. I love the really dark purple and it has a really nice velvety but still a bit glossy finish. I think for a shade this dark I prefer them to be a bit more on the glossy side because matte, I feel, would be a bit too extreme for me.


In general, I’m really loving this lipstick at the moment. I love the look it gives even though it is quite dark but I feel like fall and winter are the perfect seasons for a shade this dark.

Additionally it feels quite nice on the lips and it’s pretty long lasting as well. So, if you’re like me and you’ve always wanted to try a really dark lip look but weren’t brave enough so far give this one a go.

What is your opinion on really dark lips? Love ’em or hate ’em?
Thanks for reading

12 thoughts on “Cold Days. Dark Lips – Makeup Revolution Lipstick in Vamp

    1. Thank you so much for the follow and for the lovely comment! I’m glad you enjoyed checking my little blog out. I used to be the same and just got into these dark shades. xx

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