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The other day I was tagged by the lovely Kavi (one of my absolute favorite beauty bloggers. If you haven’t checked out her blog you need to go do that right now because you’re so missing out. Her blog is awesome!) to do this tag and since I can’t even remember the last time I did a tag and I really enjoyed reading her post I decided to do it myself. I haven’t been blogging for a very long time but it’s something I genuinely enjoy doing, so  if you want to know a bit more about my views on make up just keep on reading :)

1. Why did you start blogging and how long have you been blogging for?

I’ve always been quite the girly girl and my passion with make up developed when I was about 14. Ever since then I’ve been trying to figure out the world of beauty and how everything works. Another thing I’ve always been into is reading and writing, so I thought why not combine my passion for the beauty world with my passion for writing and make a useful hobby out of it. I started around 9 months ago. I actually started my blog on  December 24th 2013. I had just started University and I just liked the idea of having my own little corner on the Internet, where I could just be myself and write about what I’m most passionate about. When I started my blog I started it just for myself. I never really thought I’d actually get a decent amount of views and I never thought people would read my ramblings but apparently some people do, which really means a lot to me.

2. Whose blog did you fall in love with first?

This is a really tough one. I don’t really remember. Before starting my own blog I actually didn’t really read any other blogs but as I started to engage more in the blogging community and joined chats on Twitter I found a lot of lovely blogs along the way. And I also discovered some really great blogs here on wordpress. Now I can’t really imagine my life without reading other blogs. I feel like you can learn so much from other people and I’m not just reading beauty blogs anymore. I’ve really enjoy reading simple lifestyle posts or DIY’s or great recipes. So much inspiration.

3. What was the first blogsphere hyped about product that you bought? Was it worth the hype?

As I already said I didn’t really read other blogs before starting my own. In fact I had no idea there was an entire beauty blogger community before, so basically I just went into a store and bought whatever products I liked. This has definitely changed now. Especially before splurging on a high end make up product I read tons of reviews and my wish list is constantly growing. The first thing I bought because of blogging was probably the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette but I can honestly say I don’t regret buying it. It’s worth every penny. I’ve really been getting so much use out of it.

4. What are your five favourite things about blogging and being a beauty blogger?

Wow.. this is another tough one.There are so many great things about blogging but my top 5 probably are (in a random order) :

1. the lovely community and having been able to get to know some amazing people through their blogs

2. seeing that people out there actually read what I’m writing. Every comment I get on my blog always puts a smile on my face.

3. I feel like I’ve become a lot braver when it comes to experimenting with make up

4. It’s so cool when I see that people from all around the world read my blog

5. getting inspiration from other blogs

5. What have you learnt from being a beauty blogger?

 I guess I just learned a lot about beauty and make up in general. I’ve always been into make up but I feel like the way I perceive the beauty world now is different. It’s a bit hard to describe but I think I’ve really learned how to enhance the features I like about my face in the best way. I don’t use make up to cover up myself but more to emphasise the parts I like best and I think everyone should keep that in mind when doing their make up. Don’t hide your face under layers and layers of make up. Embrace your favorite features! Additionally I’ve seen what a difference doing your eyebrows can make… a huge one!

6. Have you changed anything since becoming a beauty blogger?

Yes, I definitely have and I would be lying if I said no. First of all my make up collection has grown a lot more in a relatively short amount of time. I’ve always had a lot but I’ve definitely been adding more high end products to my collection. Before buying something I pretty much always read a ton of reviews now.  Plus I’ve really gotten into skincare. Everyone always says skin care is so important and I just can’t stress enough how true that is. When I was in high school and all my friends were breaking out I had the most clear skin but because everyone was wearing foundation and powder I felt the need to join the club even though I wouldn’t have needed it. The problem though was that I didn’t really care about skin care, which my skin didn’t thank me for. Gladly I figured out the importance now and my skin’s been improving a lot again.

I think most of all though I’ve become so much braver with experimenting with my make up. I used to alway envy those girls who would walk around in public with bold lips or dramatic eye make up. Nowadays I really don’t care what others think anymore. If I wanna wear a dark purple, bright orange or bubblegum pink lip I will do it.

7. Is there any advice that you would give beauty bloggers just starting out?

Considering I only started out around 9 months ago I don’t think I can give any great advice. I guess just be yourself and write about what you are passionate about instead of what you think others want to read. It’s your blog, so it should reflect your personality. I always like to throw in some personal or lifestyle posts every once in a while because I, personally, enjoy reading blogs where the personality of the blogger shines through more. It just makes everything more authentic to me.

8. What are your top five makeup brands?

Another hard one… gosh there are so many brand I love. My favorite drugstore brands would probably be Maybelline and L’Oreal. My first make up item ever was a Maybelline mascara and I haven’t looked back since. Lately I’ve also really been loving NYX. Since Mac was the very first high end brand I discovered and they kind of introduced me to a whole new other world of make up, Mac might be my all time favorite brand. So I just need one more… wow this is difficult. I think this is so hard because I love YSL lipsticks, Nars blushers and Urban Decay eyeshadows. Please don’t make me pick!

9. Recommend your top five beauty products?

Obviously there are a ton of products I absolutely love but these are probably the ones I kind of need in my life.

1. Mac Mineralize Skinfinish Natural – I’ve mentioned this powder multiple times on here. It’s my holy grail. I love it and I cannot live without it.

2. Mac lipsticks – Haven’t found a single one I didn’t like.

3. Maybelline The Falsies Mascara – everyone loves this and there’s a good reason. It’s amazing

4. EOS lip balms

5. Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation – It’s that one foundation I wear when I really want to look good.

Well, I really hope you enjoyed reading my answers to this tag. I always really enjoy reading these tags, so I’m tagging everyone who wants to do this. If you do decide to answer the questions make sure to let me know, so I can have a nosey little read!

Thanks for reading!



2 thoughts on “The Beauty Blogger Tag

  1. I’m so glad you did this post, I loved reading your answers!! Thank you for the lovely words about me Sophie :) I can’t believe you’ve only been blogging for 9 months, you’ve done amazing!! I love EOS lipbalms too, so cute xxx

    1. Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed reading it! Oh it’s all just the truth :) I read every single one of your posts haha. Awh, thanks! That means a lot to me!:) xxxx

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