Road Trip Diary: Days 4&5 – Stuck In the Middle Of Nowhere & Oxford

On day 4 of our road trip we had to get up super early to get to the airport and pick up our rental car. This took much longer than expected. First we had to take the tube back to Heathrow. Once we’ve made it there we had to find the right bus stop that takes you to the car rental service which took ages to find. Once we’d mad it to the car rental station we had to draw a ticket and probably waited for about an hour until it was finally our turn. After my dad  had gotten the car legs and everything was thought to be settled the next problem surfaced. The guy at from the rental service had given us a car with a super tiny trunk. It barely fit two of our suitcases and we had four of them. If I’m being honest I think it’s quite ridiculous to give a family of four a car with a tiny trunk. Before renting a car you have to mention for what purposes you’re going to use it and we clearly said it was for a road trip for a family. Obviously we’d all have suitcases. Eventually they gave us a new and bigger one and we could finally make our way to Oxfordshire – our next stop.

After about an hour of driving we reached our destination: a beautiful old English farm home. It was literally located in the middle of nowhere. There was nothing but fields and lakes around it. After taking a bit of a break and getting some rest we decided to check out the area and went for a hike through the nature. I’m not really someone that goes hiking a lot but I had a great time and the landscape surrounding us was absolutely stunning.

The interior design of the place we stayed at itself was so British. At least it was what I think is really British. Since I’m not I guess I can’t really determine that but it just looked exactly what you would imagine an old British farm house to look like. It was over 270 years old by the way. The house itself was beautiful but nothing I would ever want to live in. The only downside was that I didn’t only have to share a room with my brother but with a bunch of spiders as well. I’m not terribly afraid of them but I don’t really like them either. At first I made my brother catch them and throw them out the window but we kept finding more spiders so we eventually gave up and I just had to deal with it. Oh the nightmares.

On our 5th day we drove to Oxford and basically spend all day there as there is so much to look at. I loved checking out all the old University buildings and Oxford castle. The entire town just seems like such a historic place and I really enjoyed my time there.

Here are some pictures. Hope you enjoy :)









Road Trip Diary: days 2&3 – more London

On our second day in London we decided to split up. My brother and I wanted to visit the National Gallery and go back to the Tower Bridge again to take some more pictures while my parents took a 3 hour tour through the St. Paul’s cathedral. We met up at around 4pm to go back to our apartment and get some rest. At 7pm we went out for dinner to this really nice Italian restaurant. After dinner the rest of my family wanted to see what the London Eye and Big Ben look like lit up in the dark so that’s where we went.

On the third day we got up pretty early and while my brother and I visited the Tate Modern our parents went to Covent Garden. As you might be able to guess from this I really enjoy art museums. I don’t really care whether it’s 16th century art or modern art. I just like looking at the paintings and sculptures because each piece of art has it’s own story to tell and I really like to interpret it my way. I think that’s the best thing about art. Sure there’s always a description but I love to interpret it myself and find my own story within the art. I don’t know if that makes any sense but I genuinely enjoy looking at art. It ways makes me want to buy paint and get all creative but truth is I can’t draw to save my life. Guess I have to stick to just looking at paintings and writing and photography.

After checking out all the different galleries we got some lunch and chilled out in Hyde Park for a little while. At 5pm we met up with our parents but then split up again. My brother and I did some shopping on Oxford and Regent street while our parents went back to the apartment. Later we had dinner and went to the Tower Bridge. When we got back to the apartment we had to do some packing because we had to get up early to get to the airport and pick up our rented car.

Right now we’re staying at this 270 year old farm in the middle of nowhere but more of that next time. Here are some more pictures of London. Hope you enjoy!





















Road Trip Diary: Day 1 – London

Hey guys!
I’m finally on vacation and I have made it to London safely! Yay! We’ll be staying in London until Friday morning before making our way further up North. Even though the first day was absolutely exhausting it’s so nice to be back here. Last night I had to get up at 3.45 am and I’d gotten about 2 hours of sleep. We landed in London pretty early and made it to where we are staying quite quickly. We’re not staying in a hotel but in an apartment, which is pretty cool because we have a kitchen and a living room, which you normally wouldn’t have. It’s so nice to be back in London though. I’ve been a few times before, so I kind of know my way around a little bit already. Obviously it doesn’t feel like coming home but it feels a lot more familiar than for example when I went to Spain or Norway. I guess this has something to do with the language as well. Even though I’m may not fit in perfectly with my American accent it’s still a lot easier to communicate with people. So since my dad and my brother have never been to London before we basically just did some typical tourist sightseeing stuff today like going to Buckingham Palace, Big Ben and the Tower Bridge. At around 3pm I was feeling absolutely dead though. I’d hardly gotten any sleep the night before and I was feeling like a freaking zombie. I could barely keep my eyes open and I was so afraid of bumping into people because it was so crowded. Sure you have to count on large crowds of people in a big town like London but when I spent New Year’s there in 2014 it sure wasn’t this crowded. Maybe because it was in winter. Anyway.. Here are some pictures I took today! Hope you enjoy!







Happy midweek!
Sophie :)

My Travel Face

Hey guys!

So since I’m flying to London today I thought, hey, why not share with you guys how I do my make up when I travel. By the time you’re reading this I should’ve already landed in England. I actually have to get up at 4am because our flight leaves at like 7am. Yeah, that’s going to be tough! I am so not a morning person at all. I usually don’t ever really sleep before 2am and now I have to get up at 4. I really hope I can fall asleep early today because I know once we’re in London I won’t get a chance to sleep all day and I don’t want to be up for 24 hours. Anyway… let’s get to the actually point of this post. How I do my make up when I travel.


What’s most important for me is a flawless fresh looking skin. Normally when I go on really long flights, or car, train or bus rides I either use no make up at all or BB cream because it’s lighter on my skin. Since the flight to London isn’t that long but I won’t be able to really do my make up once we’ve landed I’m using my Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation because it literally lasts all day and makes my skin look good. Of course, you have to use concealer. Traveling can be exhausting and make you look tired so we need some concealer to hide those tired eyes. To set everything I just use some translucent powder.


Next up are my eyebrows. I don’t know why but I always need to do my eyebrows.  I feel like doing your eyebrows really shapes your face and makes you look a lot more pulled together. You know what I mean? So first I fill in my brows with a brow pencil. I’m currently trying out different ones. It’s really hard for me to find a color because most brands separate their eyebrow colors into colors for blonde, brown and black hair but even though I’m naturally blonde I have pretty dark eyebrows. I think I’m somewhere in between blonde and brown, which is why it’s hard to find a good color. If you have any recommendations please let me know!! After filling in and shaping my eyebrows I use eyebrow gel to keep everything in place.


When I’m traveling I usually skip eyeshadow and eyeliner and just apply a bit of mascara just to give my eyes some definition. Plus I like my eyelashes to be really dark. Because I’m really pale I apply a bit of blush. One of my oldest and most loved blushes is my Mac blush Well Dressed. It is such a subtle pink it’s perfect for every day. Instead of lipstick I’m just applying some lip balm.

That’s it already! This is how I do my travel face. When I travel I don’t feel like I need a bright lipstick color or fancy eyeliner. I prefer to keep it natural and causal. What does your travel face look like?

Have a wonderful day!


Animal Adventures

Hey guys,

Guess what I did yesterday? I was chilling out with Bambi! Okay, just kidding. My best friend and I decided to do something fun and active because the weather was absolutely amazing, so I suggested to go on a bike ride to this zoo/ animal park type of place. I know I’ve just been to one similar like this with my grandparents and my little brother but it was so much fun I looked for one closer to where I live and found one. According to google maps it would take supposedly 36min by bike to get there. Now I always get lost everywhere it’s gotten me into quite the embarrassing situations before, so it was like we were doomed to get lost. It took us about 2 hours until we’ve finally reached our destination. At least we did find it in the end. On the plus side it was a good work out because we cycled for 2 hours straight and we had to cycle up quite a lot of hills. You cannot believe how glad I was when we finally reached the park. Good thing I remembered to bring a bottle of water. We saw lots of cool animals and the best thing was that you could buy food for them and actually feed them. Yeah, I was probably more excited about that than most of the little kids there. Anyway.. here are some pictures. Hope you enjoy!


This arctic owl was actually the first animal we spotted. I think they are such beautiful creatures, so I had to snap a picture.


See! Told ya I met Bambi. But seriously how cute are these baby deers?



They even had sea lions. I know this picture isn’t the best but you gotta love sea lions. They seem like such friendly animals.




Next up were the donkeys. Donkeys are my grandma’s favorite animals and she always wanted to get a few but never did. Such a shame because I think they are so cute. Apparently they bite though because there was huge sign that you shouldn’t feed the donkeys or try to touch them because they bite but yeah.. here’s me being a rebel and touching one anyway.




Okay, this might be the cutest guinea pig I’ve ever seen!! I used to have a few guinea pig pets when I was little but unfortunately they’ve all passed by now.


I’m not the biggest fan of monkeys.  I don’t really know why but they freak me out. This one was so cute though. In a way it looks so sad in this picture it makes we want to go back and free it. Poor little monkey. :(





Meet my new best friend! Even though I had run out of food it wouldn’t walk away and wanted me to pet it. I think it loved me!

So this was our fun day at the animal park.

Hope you enjoyed this post.