Nars Taos Blush – Only Suitable For Darker Skin?


Nars is quite famous for their amazing and highly pigmented blushes. Today I will be giving a little review of their blush in the shade Taos, which quickly made it into my top blusher after I bought it. Taos is described as a “desert rose with shimmer” and a lot of reviews say that it is probably more suitable for medium to darker skin tones because of its very very high pigmentation. I am definitely more on the pale side when it comes to skin tones, however, I don’ think this will make you look like a clown if you are pale. You just have to be a little light handed when you apply it and if you put a bit more effort into it this can still look just as stunning on lighter skin tones.


But let’s start at the beginning. I would agree that this blush is a rose shade but more of a darker one. It is a bit similar to the Nars shade torrid but definitely more red. It has a beautiful golden shimmer to it that makes your skin glow and emphasise your cheekbones without emphasising any pores, which is something I really like! The texture is extremely silky and soft, which is perfect for blending it out. It sits so well on the skin and it lasts me all day without having to touch it up, which is something I hardly ever say about a blush. I think it lasts this long on me because I do have pretty light skin so if your skin is medium to dark skin it probably won’t last as long but I’ve read in other reviews that it lasted girls with darker complexions about 9 to 10 hours until it started to fade, which is still quite impressive. Of course I have swatted it for you guys. One is a regular swatch and the other one is how it looks blended out on the skin.


However this is highly pigmented, so a little really does go a long way and you need quite a light hand when you apply it.  I do agree that this is a blush that looks stunning on medium to dark skin but I think you can still make it work on paler skin and it can give you a subtle natural flush. I’ve tried to take pictures of how it looks on my skin and I hope my camera picked it up well enough to see. I never go really overboard on blushes because I prefer to keep it more natural. Basically I just use a tiny amount, which is all you need really, and apply in on the apple of my checks to give me that natural flushed look.



Have you ever tried this shade? What are your thoughts on it?



10 thoughts on “Nars Taos Blush – Only Suitable For Darker Skin?

  1. I got the Nars blush in Deep throat.. and I’m absolutely in love with it! It’s a light pink and really suits a paler skin. Nevertheless, I think this one looks gorgeous aswell! :) x
    Lovely review! x

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