Rimmel London Keep Calm Balms


Look at these cuties! Aren’t they just adorable? Rimmel has just released their new Keep Calm Balms which very much remind me very much of the Maybelline Baby Lips because these balms are slightly tinted lip balms that come in a fun and colourful packaging similar to the Baby Lips.


So far they offer them in 5 shades. Keep Calm And Shop which is a clear balm. Keep Calm And Kiss which is a Baby Pink. Keep Calm And Play which is an orange shade. Keep Calm And Rock which is a hot pink and last but not least Keep Calm And Party which is a deep purple and looks quite scary in the tube. As you can see I only have 4 out of the 5 shades, so I can’t tell you anything about the purple one but definitely about the other shades.


First off I LOVE LOVE LOVE the packaging. It’s so colourful and fun they brighten up any rainy day. Plus the Keep Calm phrase is so London it’s just perfect for Rimmel London as a brand. As much as I adore the baby lips I think the Keep Calm balms packaging is slightly cooler.


Now on to the balms. Keep Calm And Shop is a clear one that doesn’t show up on your skin or on your lips really. However it does give you a tiny bit of shimmer and makes your lips look a bit more voluminous in my opinion. The other 3 shades I’ve tried are rather lightly pigmented but they definitely show up on your skin and lips. I actually like the fact that they aren’t crazy pigmented because sometimes you just want to apply a balm that only give your lips a hint of color or just stains them a little bit because let’s be real here –  crazy colors take some effort. However the color that these balms give your doesn’t last all that long, which is okay for me considering it’s mainly a lip balm. Here are some swatches.


Another thing I really like about these balms is their texture. They slide on so easily and feel really moisturizing. Again I prefer the texture of the Keep Calm Balms to the Baby Lips if I’m being honest. The Keep Calm Balms are just so much softer and smoother and feel more moisturizing to me. But then again this is just a matter of preference.

I’m still a lover of the Baby Lips but I’m also loving these new Rimmel balms. They are perfect for summer with their fun colors but just as great for fall as they will brighten up any cloudy day. The colors are really pretty and I think the Keep Calm And Kiss one would have to be by far my favorite. It’s a baby pink shade that looks really natural and pretty on your lips.


I’ve picked mine up while I was in the UK, where you can get one for 2.99£. If you want to get several of them or can’t decide between two of them Superdrug currently has them on offer and you can get 2 for 5£.

Have you tried these yet? Do you like them?

Happy Monday and a good first day of the week!:)


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