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Hey everyone!

As you may have noticed I’ve been very quiet on this little blog of mine but also on the rest of social media (Twitter,Instagram). If youre wondering why just continue reading and if you don’t… well then don’t.
I don’t really know where to start. As I’m typing this right now I’m actually in the hospital. Over the last weekend I was feeling tired,  felt this pressure on my chest and was really short of breath. I had a cold before so I didn’t worry too much but when it got worse on Monday my dad got me to the hospital immediately.  They did a whole bunch of tests until I got the diagnosis that I was suffering from a pulmonary embolism and had to be taken to the intensive care unit. The last week has been an absolute nightmare full of fear, tears and relief when treatment finally worked on Thursday. Yesterday I was able to go back into a normal room and didn’t have to be hooked up to all these monitors and machines. I’ve made it through the worst and I will fully recover. Now I have to focus on just letting my body rest and slowly adapt back into normal life. I don’t know when I will be able to go home but it will probably be in a few days. This has been the craziest week of my life and I’m just thankful I can slowly start returning to my normal old life, which of course includes my blog. I don’t know when I will be able to return to my old blogging schedule but what’s most important is that I can return to it.

Thanks for sticking with me and thanks for reading!

Road Trip Diary Part 6: Rain, more Shopping and more Castles

Hey there! Today I’m sharing the last part of my road trip with you guys. Two weeks of fun in the UK had to come to an end and so this is the final part. I had such a great time and I hope I can go back and visit some of the cools places again or visit new ones some times soon. That probably won’t happen but you never know.

So the the day before our final day we went to Newcastle. I’d been wanting to see that city of for the longest time, so I was pretty happy when the rest of my family liked my suggestion of going there. I really liked Newcastle and we wandered around the city for a while until it started to pour rain. Smart as I am I’d left my umbrella in the hotel so I got absolutely soaked! Didn’t really help my cold either. Oh well. The worst thing is that it wouldn’t stop so we started running towards the next restaurant to get some coffee and tea to warm up and dry off. When it stopped raining we went back to the car and drove to the Metro Centre, which is apparently the biggest indoor mall in Europe. Don’t know if that’s true but it’s definitely incredibly huge.

So here are some pictures my brother and I took when we were bored and some pictures of Newcastle.

IMG_6194 IMG_6195

IMG_6208 IMG_6219 IMG_6246



On our final day before our departure we went to Alnwick (hope I spelled that right) castle. We did a tour through it and it is quite the impressive place. If you have watched some of the Harry Potter movies this might look a bit familiar to you as it was used as a location to shoot some of the scene. Don’t sake me which ones though. Anyway… it’s a beautiful place.IMG_6323 SAMSUNG CSCSAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC

After our tour we went through the town itself. It’s such a charming little place and before leaving the UK I bought some more make up I knew I couldn’t get over here. Yep, that’s just me.

When we got back to the hotel we had to pack and get up at 2.30am to drive to Manchester Airport. I arrived back home incredibly exhausted and went straight to bed.

But it was definitely a fun vacation and I wish it would’ve lasted a little longer.



Finding The One (Product)

Hey lovelies!

Today is going to be a bit of a different post but still beauty related. I think for most girls or at least those who are interested in/wear make up it is almost like a life goal to find that one perfect product in, let’s say each beauty category. Now I mean we all want to find that one perfect foundation that will make our face look absolutely flawless or that one amazing mascara that will gives us voluminous long lashes that reach up to the sky. You get the idea, right?

Obviously I can’t speak for everyone but I think there are quite a lot of girls that are probably the same way. Always on the hunt for that one perfect product! The list of mascaras and foundations I’ve tried is quite long. Some have gotten pretty close and others have been an absolute fail. But that’s okay. It’s good to eliminate products as well and trying out different things definitely teaches you a lot. When I first got into make up there weren’t loads of different YouTubers and bloggers to learn from. Or at least it wasn’t that known and when I was 14 (5 long years ago) I hardly spent much time on the Internet to be honest. So when I first started playing around with make up I never even imagined to go on Google and read a review. Yep, that’s how things have changed over time. What I mean is that I had to go through all these products and couldn’t just pass one by because I read a bad reviews about it. I bought most of them based on whether the packaging was pretty or not.

In those 5 years that I’ve been into make up I’ve tried quite the amount of products and some I absolutely loved yet I don’t know if it’s just me but I always have the hope of finding something even better. Especially nowadays because my make up options have grown so much. When I was 14/15 I never would have thought I’d ever spend 50€ on an eyeshadow palette  or 45€ on a blush. I would only buy drugstore brands like Maybelline or Essence and I didn’t even really know about the whole world of high end make up.

But one day my mom took me into a MAC store because I was even paler when I was younger and I could hardly ever find a powder in the drugstore that didn’t make me look all weird and orangy. When I walked into that Mac store for the first time and saw all those pretty shiny products I thought I was in absolute make up heaven. The lady recommended me their Mineralize Skinfinish powder in the lightest shade and I loved it. It hardly felt like I was wearing any make up and yet it made my skin look so perfect. I remember her only putting on moisturiser and a bit of the powder ( I was only 15 so didn’t need all that much).

I’ve used that Mac powder for the longest time. Probably for 4 years but the price kept going up over time and when I became a student and moved and suddenly had the responsibility for everything myself and had to buy my own food and stuff I tried looking for alternatives. I’ve tried out so many different setting powders in the last couple of months and some I even really liked but still I couldn’t find the one that gave me that natural flawless finish my old powder gave me. About a week ago I made myself face the fact that my Mac powder was just the best one for me personally.

As you may have guessed it I went back to Mac and I know this powder isn’t for everyone. We all have different skin so what works for one person might not work for someone else but this powder just really works for me. It’s that one product I know that won’t fail me so whenever I need or want to look my best I can use it because it will do what I expect it to.

My mom made fun of me for getting so excited when it arrived because for her it’s just another powder but I couldn’t wait because it’s that one products that makes my skin look best and makes me feel best about my skin. I guess it’s my holy grail powder.

So do you have any product that just always makes you feel better about yourself? That one product you just keep going back to and you just can’t seem to find anything better?




Road Trip Diary Part 5: Shopping, Ruins & Soccer

Time for the next part of my road trip. Although we were still staying in York we drove all the way to Manchester (actually it’s just an hour but whatever :P) because my brother is quite the fan of Manchester United and he wanted to get a soccer jersey or whatever you call these things and he didn’t want to buy it anywhere else than in Manchester. First me made a stop at the Trafford Centre for some shopping and oh my gosh I’ve seen many many shopping malls in my life but this one must’ve been one of the prettiest I’ve ever seen. It almost reminds me of a temple with all the pretty paintings, statues and fountains. After dragging my brother and dad around with me for 2 hours (they despise shopping) I put them out of their misery and we drove over to the Old Trafford stadium. My brother got excited like a little kid and before I knew what was happening I found myself in a huge store full of Manchester United everything. It took my brother forever to get everything he wanted so I had to sit there and wait and probably looked totally out of place. Guess it was only fair. I wish I could’ve seen more of the actual city of Manchester but we had to get back to York. I have to admit I was quite disappointed but hopefully I get to see the city some other time.

IMG_5882 IMG_5886



So the next day it was time to drive on to our final destination: Durham. Until that day I had never ever even heard of that place but it’s somewhere up in the very north of England close to the Scottish border. As always we made quite a few stops on the way. Our first stop was Castle Howard. It’s pretty much a huge castle in the middle of nowhere. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many castles in so little time.

IMG_5897 IMG_5908

IMG_5911 IMG_5928

Next we stopped by this little small town by the sea. I totally forgot the name of this (sorry. really wish I could remember) but it definitely was a beautiful place. We went on a walk by the sea side and had some ice ream. Yummy.


Another stop we made was at the ruins of this incredible old abby. I thought it looked so cool and a bit creepy. Apparently it gave the inspiration for Dracula. I can definitely see why. Oh and I saw this adorable horse there. Isn’t it cute? I just had to take a picture. Gosh, I’m such an animal lover.



Before finally making it to hour hotel we took one last stop at this upper old train station. They still run their trains with steam and the trains ration was actually used for some Harry Potter scenes. I think this is the train station they arrive at when they go to Hogwarts.Nevertheless it was pretty magical to see.


IMG_6154 IMG_6187 IMG_6139


This was the hotel we stayed in. It’s in the area of Durham and from what it looks like i’s quite old. It looks a bit like some old spooky haunted place to me and not just from the outside. Our room was pretty dark and there were weird paintings hanging on the wall. Plus it was in the middle of absolutely nowhere and I heard some really creepy noises at night.

Hope you enjoyed reading this post :) The next part is coming up soon.



Nars Taos Blush – Only Suitable For Darker Skin?


Nars is quite famous for their amazing and highly pigmented blushes. Today I will be giving a little review of their blush in the shade Taos, which quickly made it into my top blusher after I bought it. Taos is described as a “desert rose with shimmer” and a lot of reviews say that it is probably more suitable for medium to darker skin tones because of its very very high pigmentation. I am definitely more on the pale side when it comes to skin tones, however, I don’ think this will make you look like a clown if you are pale. You just have to be a little light handed when you apply it and if you put a bit more effort into it this can still look just as stunning on lighter skin tones.


But let’s start at the beginning. I would agree that this blush is a rose shade but more of a darker one. It is a bit similar to the Nars shade torrid but definitely more red. It has a beautiful golden shimmer to it that makes your skin glow and emphasise your cheekbones without emphasising any pores, which is something I really like! The texture is extremely silky and soft, which is perfect for blending it out. It sits so well on the skin and it lasts me all day without having to touch it up, which is something I hardly ever say about a blush. I think it lasts this long on me because I do have pretty light skin so if your skin is medium to dark skin it probably won’t last as long but I’ve read in other reviews that it lasted girls with darker complexions about 9 to 10 hours until it started to fade, which is still quite impressive. Of course I have swatted it for you guys. One is a regular swatch and the other one is how it looks blended out on the skin.


However this is highly pigmented, so a little really does go a long way and you need quite a light hand when you apply it.  I do agree that this is a blush that looks stunning on medium to dark skin but I think you can still make it work on paler skin and it can give you a subtle natural flush. I’ve tried to take pictures of how it looks on my skin and I hope my camera picked it up well enough to see. I never go really overboard on blushes because I prefer to keep it more natural. Basically I just use a tiny amount, which is all you need really, and apply in on the apple of my checks to give me that natural flushed look.



Have you ever tried this shade? What are your thoughts on it?



Road Trip Diary Part 4: Shakespeare, Christmas & Ghost Walks

After having spend two nights in Oxfordshire it was time to move on and our next destination was York. Before actually going to York we made a quick stop in the historical town of Stratford-upon-Avon because it was Shakespeare’s birth place and my mom really wanted to go see that. I have to admit I wasn’t in the best mood because I had caught an annoying cold. I had a horrible headache, felt really weak and tired and my nose was completely blocked. To top it all of it started to pour down rain like crazy when we got out of the car. You can probably imagine that I wasn’t all too excited to look at old houses whether Shakespeare had lived in them or not. All I wanted was my bed and a hot cup of tea.

When we actually did reach Shakespeare’s birthplace and took a tour through it I was quite amazed by it though considering the house has been standing there since the 16th century. That is really impressive. I forgot my cold for a minute and really enjoyed learning about the life of one of the greatest writers to ever walk on this planet. Next up we visited some other houses some of his family members had lived in before ending our tour with visiting his grave. That was a bit bizarre to me because, well, I just don’t have the desire to look at graves. Who does,right?


As much as I really enjoyed learning more about Shakespeare my absolute favorite thing in Startford was probably this Christmas store I spotted. Okay, Christmas is basically my favorite time of the entire year. I love Christmas music, and baking, and putting up lights everywhere and just making people happy. Christmas just reunites people and I could go on and on about why I love Christmas but you reading this probably don’t care. So I saw this Christmas store and obviously I had to go inside. This place is just truly awesome. It sounds like Christmas. It looks like Christmas and it even smells like Christmas. It just made me incredibly happy.



IMG-20140810-WA0000 2

After having spent about 4 hours in Stratford we decided it time to get back on the road and continue our drive to York. Good thing we did because it took much much longer than expected. We were supposed to arrive at around 4pm but due to immense traffic and horrible weather conditions we didn’t make it until 6.30pm. When we finally arrived at out bed and breakfast I was so happy to see I finally got a room for myself and didn’t have to share it with my brother. My room was really nice and most importantly free of spiders. I was in heaven for 3 nights. After getting some rest we went to a pub near by and I had my very first British pub lunch. Yay! It was quite good.



The next day we got up quite early and spent the entire day exploring York. I think York might be one of my favorite places I’ve been to in England so far. It is just such a beautiful place. I like how it’s not such a big city, so you can explore it within a day without getting lost. We started off by walking through this beautiful garden. After that we went into the huge Minster cathedral and took a tour through it. It is such a pretty cathedral.

After lunch  we went on a boat tour! YAY! I absolutely love boat tours (as long as the weather’s nice). I just like sitting on a boat while people tell me facts about the buildings I’m seeing. That’s just me. I’m boring like that. Sorry.

We then continued to walk through the city itself and I did a tiny little bit of shopping. After dinner we waited until 8pm to take part in a ghost walk. I kind of like mystical weird stuff. Horror movies are my favorite and I loved hearing ghost stories when I was little so it was jet naturally that I talked everyone into joining me for the ghost walk. Now I don’t really believe in ghosts but I just really like the stories. The guy doing the ghost walk did such a great job! We walked to some scary places within York and he would tell us some horrifying stories that apparently happened there.

When the ghost walk was over I was absolutely exhausted and tired and couldn’t wait to get into bed. But York was definitely one of my favorite places to visit in England and I hope to go back there one day.

IMG_5635 IMG_5642




Hope you enjoyed this post!


Rimmel London Keep Calm Balms


Look at these cuties! Aren’t they just adorable? Rimmel has just released their new Keep Calm Balms which very much remind me very much of the Maybelline Baby Lips because these balms are slightly tinted lip balms that come in a fun and colourful packaging similar to the Baby Lips.


So far they offer them in 5 shades. Keep Calm And Shop which is a clear balm. Keep Calm And Kiss which is a Baby Pink. Keep Calm And Play which is an orange shade. Keep Calm And Rock which is a hot pink and last but not least Keep Calm And Party which is a deep purple and looks quite scary in the tube. As you can see I only have 4 out of the 5 shades, so I can’t tell you anything about the purple one but definitely about the other shades.


First off I LOVE LOVE LOVE the packaging. It’s so colourful and fun they brighten up any rainy day. Plus the Keep Calm phrase is so London it’s just perfect for Rimmel London as a brand. As much as I adore the baby lips I think the Keep Calm balms packaging is slightly cooler.


Now on to the balms. Keep Calm And Shop is a clear one that doesn’t show up on your skin or on your lips really. However it does give you a tiny bit of shimmer and makes your lips look a bit more voluminous in my opinion. The other 3 shades I’ve tried are rather lightly pigmented but they definitely show up on your skin and lips. I actually like the fact that they aren’t crazy pigmented because sometimes you just want to apply a balm that only give your lips a hint of color or just stains them a little bit because let’s be real here –  crazy colors take some effort. However the color that these balms give your doesn’t last all that long, which is okay for me considering it’s mainly a lip balm. Here are some swatches.


Another thing I really like about these balms is their texture. They slide on so easily and feel really moisturizing. Again I prefer the texture of the Keep Calm Balms to the Baby Lips if I’m being honest. The Keep Calm Balms are just so much softer and smoother and feel more moisturizing to me. But then again this is just a matter of preference.

I’m still a lover of the Baby Lips but I’m also loving these new Rimmel balms. They are perfect for summer with their fun colors but just as great for fall as they will brighten up any cloudy day. The colors are really pretty and I think the Keep Calm And Kiss one would have to be by far my favorite. It’s a baby pink shade that looks really natural and pretty on your lips.


I’ve picked mine up while I was in the UK, where you can get one for 2.99£. If you want to get several of them or can’t decide between two of them Superdrug currently has them on offer and you can get 2 for 5£.

Have you tried these yet? Do you like them?

Happy Monday and a good first day of the week!:)