My Love For Make Up – How It All Started!


A lot of girls sooner or later get into make up. Some get more into it than others and for some it becomes a real passion. There are loads of reasons why girls start using make up. Maybe they use it to express themselves, they do it because their friends do it or they want to feel prettier. But how does it start? I still remember how my love for make up started like it was just yesterday and in today’s blog post I’m going to tell you my little story about make up and me.

I must have been 12, I think, and I was on a family vacation in Florence, Italy. I know I’m very lucky because my parents always put value on traveling and discovering different countries. When I’m talking traveling I don’t mean shopping and lounging around the pool or on the beach. We did some of that, of course, but we also did a lot of sightseeing, visiting churches and museums. My parents wanted us to really get a feeling of different cultures and countries. Family vacations were always my favorite time of the year because even though I was really young I loved going to museums and looking at pretty churches. They just had something so fascinating to me. Italy was one of those places that were so magical to me. I fell in love with the beautiful churches and couldn’t get enough of the art. Back then they were just pretty pictures to me because I was 12 after all but still they just amazed me. Another thing about Italy that amazed me were the women walking around in sky high heels, wearing the most fashionable clothes and they had the most stunning make up looks. I always wanted to be like that when I was young. Actually I couldn’t wait to grow and become one of those beautiful ladies but I guess most kids at that age do (if only they knew how much it sucks to grow up).

One day during our vacation we were in this department store and I spotted this make up set made for teenage girls. I begged my parents to buy it for me and tried everything including my sweetest puppy dog face, which usually always got me what I wanted. Even today it still works most of the time. Despite me trying absolutely everything, they told me I was too young and didn’t need any make up. Gosh, I was devastated.


Christmas that year I unwrapped my presents and guess what I found? Yes, you’re right! The make up set I’d been dying to get in Italy. My parents told me it was just to play around with and that I shouldn’t wear it to school. I was only 12 turning 13, so nowadays I would definitely agree with them. Back then I rebelled against that a bit of course. What else to expect from a little blonde 12 year old girl, right?


The weeks after Christmas I spent most of my time in the bathroom trying out all the different eyeshadows and blushes and lipcolors. I was in heaven. I still remember the first look I did because we still have a photo of that. Little me decided it was a good idea to use a bunch of different green (my fave color at that time) eyeshadows and mix that with a deep purple lip color. Yeah, as you can imagine I looked more like a mix between a drag queen and a clown rather than the glamorous lady I wanted to look like.


Eventually my make up skills got better and better because whenever I was bored I got out my little set and tried all different types of looks and I even took selfies of them. Oh yeah, pretty darn cool, huh? Since then a lot has changed but one thing that never changed was my love for the unique things. During me teenage years I always bought those make up items none of my friends would have ever bought. I owned glitter eyeliner in every shade possible (13), yellow lipgloss,  and I even bought a Mac eyeliner in metallic blue and a Mac Lipgloss in blue (aged 14). When I bought that blue lipgloss all of my friends laughed at me and my grandma said I looked like a dead body because I was so pale and the lipgloss made me look like they had just pulled me out of the water but I didn’t care. I could tell you more stories like those but the list is endless and this post would get way too long.


Now my make up collections has grown immensely and my skills have definitely improved massively. But that’s how it all started during a family vacation in Italy.  How did you get into make up? What’s your story?

Hope this wasn’t too much of a ramble!

Love, Sophie

Sneaky Little Drugstore Haul

Yesterday I posted a sneaky little high end make up haul showing you guys all of the more expensive make up items I bought recently, so it’s only fitting that today’s post is all about some drugstore make up I bought. It’s nothing too crazy but I got a few pretty cool things.


First of let’s see the skin care stuff. I got the Garnier Pure Cleansing Gel. This is basically just a regular cleanser that removes your make up and cleanses your skin. I’m not too keen on the smell of it but it does remove even waterproof make up and I really like it. The next skin care product I got is a big pot of some good ol’ Nivea Cream. This pretty much is my favorite moisturiser. It’s not all that fancy but I basically grew up with it. My mom’s always used it and I just love it. It’s so soft and gentle on the skin and I can really feel how my skin loves this stuff and so do I.


Makeup wise I repurchased my Maybelline Matt Make Powder. I’ve featured this quite a lot on my blog lately. It’s in my June Favorites and I wrote an entire review on it. But hey I just really like it.

Another thing I got is the Maybelline ColorSensational in 338 Midnigth Plum. I’ve been wanting a deep purple lipstick for a while now and when I saw this one I couldn’t help it. I had to swatch it. I really like the deep purple and how it’s so shimmery and glossy, so as you might be able to guess it ended up in my little basket. No regrets though.


Last but not least I bought 2 mascaras from Essence. It wasn’t really my intention to buy a mascara (and I ended up with 2. Oh Lord!)  but their packaging stood out to me. Don’t really know why but I have a bit of a thing for big chunky mascaras and then I saw the price. 1,25. Come on who wouldn’t buy these? Right? I was just so intrigued because these must be the cheapest mascaras I’ve seen so far. I’ve already tried the purple one once and I’m actually surprised by how good it is. Full reviews might be coming up soon, if you guys want:)


We’ve already reached the end of my little haul. Told you guys it wasn’t much.

Until next time,


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Sneaky Little High End Make Up Haul

So I have’t blogged in a few days because life has been a little hectic lately and I had some personal stuff going on. At the moment I don’t have time to blog daily because of personal reasons but I hope that I can go back to my usual schedule asap. Please bare with me!

As you may or may not know I’m currently back home from University at my parent’s house. They live in this yeah.. well it’s a tiny small town and when I say tiny I mean absolutely tiny. We’ve moved around a lot and never settled down anywhere until 2009 when my parents decided to buy a house in one of the smallest towns I’ve ever been in. (No idea why?!) I think there are more horses and cows around here than people. It’s nice to be in the country side every now and again but, man, I’m glad I live in a city.  Anyway.. don’t want to bore you guys. My point is that despite living in a small town we do live around 20 minutes away from a pretty big town so it’s not that bad and my mom and I went on a little shopping trip there with my brother. The cool thing is they have a Mac store, which is really exciting to me.


I just love Mac and I planned on buying a new lipstick. I’ve been debating whether to buy Mac Morange or not. I absolutely love unique lip colors that not everyone wears (or at least no one where I lived and went to high school for 2 years, cause it’s a small town ya know?). I have bold reds, dark reds, bright pinks. Basically a lot of colors that really stand out but for an unknown reason I’ve always stayed clear of orange. I guess I thought it wouldn’t suit me. But I kept seeing Mac Morange all over other blogs and on Instagram so I just decided to buy it cause I have no will power. Sad, I know. I’ve worn it twice already and yeah I’m in love. It’s such a great color for summer and it looks so good with this kimono I got recently.



Another thing I got from Mac is the lip pencil in Vino. I got the lipstick Mac Diva not too long ago on my trip in Chicago. I love the lipstick but it stains your skin so easily and when it fades it doesn’t fade equally. Hence I decided to get a lip pencil. I usually don’t really wear lip pencils. I can’t really be bothered to invest that much time and my lipstick usually stays in place but I feel like for Diva a lip pencil is kind of necessary.



One thing I’ve been dying to try is the Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation because I’ve heard so many amazing things about it. Apparently it has really great coverage and lasts all day. I just got it yesterday, so I haven’t actually used it but I’m so excited to try this. This sounds so sad but it will probably be the highlight of my week. Okay this really does sound sad… oh well.


Okay guys! HOW ADORABLE IS THIS MINI LIPSTICK? Like seriously how cute is this? Like I can’t even.. like I’m in love.. like seriously in love. Sorry, back to normal writing, but I just can’t get over this mini lipstick. The incredibly nice store assistant that helped me match the Double Wear foundation with my skin gave me this adorable Lancome mini lipstick sample thingy for free. It made me so happy. I think it’s so cute and the color is really pretty. Perfect to fight in any clutch for a night out.


The store assistant was so nice she even gave me a pretty big sample of this really good smelling moisturiser and a purse holder. I think that’s pretty cool. This just shows that there are still some really nice people out there. Sometimes when I walk into a fancy cosmetic store the people working there don’t even look at me and when I ask them a question they react so unfriendly and are so arrogant it’s almost like they are trying to scare away their customers. Anyone else who sometimes has that happen to them?

That’s it already for my little haul. What have you been buying lately?

– Sophie

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