Letting Go and Being Happy

Hey guys!

I know my posting schedule has been a little off lately but I think I have a good reason for that. As you may or may not know I’m still at my grandparents. While my parents left on Sunday my brother and I decided to stay until Friday. When we were little we used to spend a lot of our summers here. Usually whenever we moved to another place because of my dad’s occupation my brother and I would stay at our grandparents over the summer while our parents moved everything. I have a lot of happy memories of those times. When my brother and I grew older and my family finally settled down we started visiting my grandparents less and less because they live pretty far away. Especially now that I’m at Uni I barely see my grandparents.

For the past months I’ve been worrying about University and my future a lot but now that I’m officially enrolled for my second year I can finally relax and just let everything go. In general I would say I’m a pretty positive and happy person but I also worry. Oh I worry a lot. Maybe that’s why I have such sleeping issues. I don’t know. Anyway.. now that I’m at my grandparents and it’s a changed scenery I can feel like I can finally let go of my worries. At least for a little while. Currently I’m just enjoying my time with my brother and my grandparents. We’re doing a bunch of fun things and my brother and I are, in a way, reliving our childhood memories a bit. Yesterday we went to a mini golf park, which is a thing we always used to do when we were little. I’ve always hated it because I suck at it and I ALWAYS lose but my brother loves it. Today we’re going to a petting zoo. I feel like such a kid but I’m massively excited for that.

Another thing I’ve been doing is just chilling in my grandparents’ backyard. I just absolutely love their backyard. When I was little this used to be the most magical place to me because it’s pretty big and offers a lot of places to hide and I feel like I discover something new there every time I look. Plus they have the coolest most unique tree I’ve ever seen.


I took my little baby Idgie with me but my grandparents have two dogs as well. One white and one black scottish terrier. They are the funniest little guys. Just look, aren’t they adorable?


It’s been so nice to just get away from everything and slow down. Not worry about life. Not having to constantly please everyone. It can be so hard to balance uni, living in a different country and making time for family and friends. Sometimes it just gets really exhausting and all you want is an escape. The past few days have been my much needed escape and I’m feeling a lot happier now. It’s been so great to relive some happy childhood memories and to just enjoy life. Getting up in the morning and knowing that you’re going to have a fun day, spending it with people you love without any pressure, is one of the best feelings ever. Before I felt like I had run out of energy and I was just tired all the time but now I’m full of ideas and energy again.


We went out to town a few times to just sit down in a restaurant, have a nice meal and just talk and catch up on stuff. Instead of watching TV we spent our nights sitting outside with a glass of chilled white wine playing fun games we used to play when we were kids. For once I haven’t really been texting many people. It’s not like I’ve been ignoring my friends but I haven’t really participated in any of our whatsapp group conversations. Whenever I was in the Netherlands and they were making plans because they all still live close I always felt like I was missing out but, for once, I just let go of that as well. As selfish as that may sound but I’ve been focusing on just enjoying the moment and doing things that make me happy. I’m already going back home on Friday and I kind of don’t even want to. I feel like I’m in this little happy bubble right now completely separated from everything else in my life. I know I’ll have to get back eventually but I feel like it’s going to be okay because I know my battery is now recharged and it’s time to get back to reaching for the stars and working on my goals as well as spending time with my friends.


Oh and look at my new suitcase, you guys! I totally adore this. I was in desperate need of a new suitcase, especially since I’m going on a 2 week trip to England soon (Whoop whoop). Also I kind of have some plans of going abroad again next year but those are just plans in my head, so we’ll see about that.

I know I’ve been venturing out on this little blog of mine lately and posted more lifestyle posts but I really like writing those, so I truly hope you guys enjoy them as well. But don’t worry I already have a list of beauty related posts written down in my little notebook. I just have to type them up once I get back home. For now though I’m going to make the most of the few remaining days I have left at my grandparents.

Lots of love,


9 thoughts on “Letting Go and Being Happy

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