My Essentials For A Long Car Ride


  Hey guys!

Today I’m sharing my essentials I just need to bring with me when going on a long car ride. Why? Because I’m about to go on a long car ride to my grandparents. Unfortunately I hardly ever get to see them because they live so far away but this weekend we have this family event. It’s my grandma’s brother’s wife’s birthday. Wow, this sounds so complicated but it really isn’t.

Technically I’m not really related to her but she’s the wife of my mom’s uncle. My grandmother and her brother live right next to to each other so obviously I’ve known his wife ever since I was born. I like family events but  have to admit I’m not looking too much forward to this particular event. I hate to say negative things about family. It just makes me feel mean but let’s just say that part of my family is a little hard to deal with. They are the kind of people that always gossip about everyone and they just need to know everything. So you better not tell them anything too personal unless you want the whole town to know cause that’s the kind of people they are. And they always compare their grandchildren to my brother and me, which is so pointless because we are completely different. Anyway… I don’t want to go on with this because you guys probably couldn’t care less. I’ll just somehow have to get through that party tomorrow Yay!  At least I get to see my adorable 3 little great cousins from Denmark and my godfather. There’s light at the end of the tunnel.


Okay, moving on to my car ride essentials. This is my beloved backpack. It got this one in March for my 19th birthday because I’ve been wanting one for the longest time now. It’s just a regular EASTPAK U.S.A backpack  in the color Savy Squirt, I believe. I really love the color because it’s a mix between blue and green – my faves. As you can tell I’ve been decorating my backpack with a bunch of patches. In general I’m more of a girly girl but I kind of have a geek side to me which explains the Batman and Captain America patches cause they are my absolute favorite superheroes. Other than that I’ve added some patches from places I’ve been to. I really wish I’d started this earlier because I’ve already been to a lot of places but oh well. Now I have an excuse to go back, right? The Britain patch on the right still needs to be sewed on but I’m doing that this weekend. Originally I wanted a London Underground one but when my Best Friend went to London a couple of weeks ago and she spotted this one with the bulldog she though this one was more fitting. What can I say? She knows me well.


The first thing I need is my MacBook. Don’t judge! I just need it to write blog posts, write in general, edit pictures or watch a movie or my fave tv shows. My little Mac and I are inseparable. I know it’s sad but whatever. Deal with it, people! As a total contrast to technology I always bring my notebook to write down blog post ideas or to make lists of things I still need to do or stuff I want/need to buy.


Next up is my medicine and my make up bag. Medicine bag sounds so serious but it’s really just some painkiller, something against stomach cramps, stuff for my contacts, bandaids and things like that.

Of course I always have to keep my make up bag close. The is a really small one and all I have in there is my Mabelline Matt Maker powder along with a travel sized kabuki brush, an essence mascara, some EOS lips balms, Fit Me concealer, Lush lip scrub, solid perfume and another lip product. Really it’s not that much. One thing I also like to bring with my is this mini sized body lotion in Ginger Morning. I know it’s body lotion but I use it for my hands because it smells so refreshing.


One thing I also take with me is gum. I feel like most people do that. I don’t even chew that much gum but I always have a pack with me. In the case I might loose my contacts for whatever reason or have to take them out because they are irritating my eyes I ALWAYS bring my glasses with me. Since it’s summer and the sun’s actually out I’m taking my sunglasses with me.

I hate having my big wallet with me when I’m traveling, so I usually just take the important stuff out and put my wallet in my suitcase. My wallet’s just filled with receipts and so many customer cards to all these stores, it’s just so heavy. Hence I like to carry my cash in this tiny little wallet. For my driver’s licence, debit cards and my ID I have this cool little Vera Bradley wallet/phone case thingy. Basically you can out your license in the clear from pocket and then you can open the case and it has room for credit/debit cards, your ID and some cash. It also fits your phone. It’s pretty awesome when you’re going grocery shopping or to a friends house because it fits all you need and you don’t have to bring a purse.


For the entertainment part I bring some good ol’ books. I’m currently reading Vanish by Tess Gerritsen, which is a thriller and it’s pretty darn good. Since I’m currently learning Dutch I’m also taking the first Harry Potter book in Dutch with me. I love music, so I NEED my iPod, so I can listen to all of my fave songs. Wuhu.

Sure thing, I always have my phone with me. Like, who does’t? It’s just nice to be able to chat with your friends over WhatsApp and Snapchat and it’s great to be able to check my Pinterest, Twitter, FaceBook and Instagram. Geeeez, I’m a member of way to many social platforms. It’s terrible, isn’t it?


Lastly these are some more basic essentials. I think a brush, deodorant and some Anti bacteria hand gel is pretty self-explanatory. Okay, I love knitted oversized sweaters and I get cold super easily. Today it’s one of the hottest days of this summer but I’m sure it can get cold over night so I need my favorite oversized sweater. It’s the most comfy piece of clothing I own. It’s just freaking huge and it’s a dark green, which is one of my favorite colors. Another essential is fuzzy socks. Who doesn’t love fuzzy socks? They are so so so soft and comfy. They’re an absolute travel essential for me.

Alrighty guys. This is what I need when I go on a car ride for several hours. What about you?


Sophie :)

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