My Going Out Essentials

I love going out with my friends but whenever I do there are certain things I just need to take with me because you never know when you might need it, right? I really like big clutches because they you can fit so much more in them. One of my current favourites is this bright pink one. I like the color as it goes with a lot of my clothes and I just love the size of it.




One thing I hardly ever leave the house without is powder. Usually my make up stays on pretty long and luckily I don’t have oily skin so I barely ever need touch ups but you never know so I always carry powder with me. My current favorite is the Maybelline Matt Maker Powder. Whenever I wear lipstick I always bring the lipstick I’m wearing that day with me, so I can reapply it when necessary. Another thing I’m currently loving and that I take with me when I go out is the Body Shop White Musk Libetine Solid Perfume. This stuff smells amazing and the packaging is the cutest.




I’m pretty sure every girl does this but wherever I go I always bring a brush. My beloved Tangle Teezer comes with me at all times. I just love it. Another thing I always have with me is some hair ties and bobby pins and gum of course.



Last but not least I bring my cute little wallet. I just got this very recently while in the Netherlands but I know it will become one of my going out essentials because it is so tiny and perfect to carry around cash. Plus it is super cute! Obviously I have my phone with me at all times. Another thing I like to have with me is this little mirror, which is perfect for reapplying lipstick. I love the old fashioned design of this mirror and it is really special to me because it used to belong to my great grandmother and this is the only thing I have left from her.


I guess this one is kind of obvious but of course I always have my keys with me. Yes, you’re seeing that right. I have a knee joint key chain. Pretty darn cool, right? I got this from my dad, who got it at some congress he went to and I think it’s really funny. I’m sure I’m by far not the only girl guilt of  this but I hardly ever go anywhere without some lip balm. EOS are my faves at the moment. The last thing I ALWAYS have with me is anti bacteria hand gel. I just cannot go anywhere without it especially when I know there will be a lot of people.



So this is it. These are my going out essentials. What are yours?

Have a lovely day!




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