Nars Contour Blush Review


Before I go any further into this I have to admit I, personally, don’t do too much of contouring. Contouring, in general, is an amazing thing because it can change your face in a way and kind of distract from features you are a bit insecure about while highlighting the features you like the most about your face. In general I’m pretty happy with my face, most of the time, (this sounds so weird) but I just don’t feel the need to make my nose look smaller or whatever. I’m also way too lazy to do a whole face of contouring. Basically all I really do is apply some dark blush under my cheekbones and sometimes, when I’m going all out, I’ll apply some contour blush along my hairline. If I really have time I also add some highlighter to my cheekbones.

Okay, now that you know my view towards contouring let’s get into this review, shall we? Since I do a bit of contouring sometimes I thought it was time to finally invest into something more expensive and a bit more professional. Since I’ve heard so many great thing about Nars I decided to give their contouring blush a go and picked it up from a Sephora store.


I got mine in Olympia, which is the lightest shade you can get, I believe. The contour blush contains two shades. A light one which is supposed to function as a highlighter and a dark one, which is, obviously, made for contouring


Let’s start of with the highlighter. The color is a very light beige ivory kind of color. In fact it is so light it might, depending on your skin, not really show up much on your face. In contrast to many other highlighters out there this is one is actually not shimmery at all but really matte. It’s actually 100% matte and will give you a matte finish. This highlighter reminds me a bit of a really light face powder. Still it did the job for me. It showed up on my skin quite well and gave it an illuminating finish, which is what a highlighter is supposed to do, right?


Moving on to the contour part. The color is a medium beige-brown color and it appears really warm ,which I quite like. For me this is the perfect shade of brown to use for contouring. It is not too light and not too dark. I tend to find it hard to find the right brown shade for contouring because if it is too light it does not really give you the effect you hoped for but if it is too dark your face will look muddy. I don’t want neither of that, please.



Both shades are really easy to blend and give your skin a perfect matte finish.

What I like about this is that it contains both, highlighter and contour, which is perfect for traveling and it comes in a handy packaging with quite the big mirror.

I’m really glad I bought this and it definitely feeds the needs of my basic contouring, so I can really recommend it.

What are your thoughts on contouring? And what are your favorite products to use?

– xx Sophie

6 thoughts on “Nars Contour Blush Review

  1. I love the Bourjois Delice De Poudre brozer. It has a little shimmer in it, but not too much it’s over powering on the face. The glitter in the product gives you the perfect summer glow, I would definitely recommend it. :)

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