The Body Shop All In One BB Cream


When I heard about the new BB Cream from the Body Shop I kind of had to have it. I still love my Garnier BB cream but I really wanted to try this one, so I went to the next store and got it.

What’s really interesting about this is that the cream comes out in a white shade that is supposed to turn into your skin color when you blend it all over your face. At first that made me a bit hesitant because I’ve tried out a BB cream like this from Loreal and I absolutely hated it because it turned me orange. I read through some of the online review and some people said it turned really orange on light skin, which immediately reminded me of my horrible experience with the Loreal BB cream. Still I was really curious and bought it anyway. I got it in the lightest shade possible and I do have quite fair skin but it honestly didn’t turn orange on me at all.

This is how it looks right out of the tube:


And this is how it looks blended on my skin. Can’t detect any orange. Can you?



So do I like it? Yes, I really do. The Body Shop claims that this All In One BB cream will adapt perfectly to your skin tone and give your skin an even finish. That is exactly what it does. It really matched up with my skin tone pretty perfectly and it is really easy to blend. Just as a heads up you really don’t need to apply much of it so use it in small amounts. It gives a light to medium coverage, so it does cover up any minor blemishes. Should you however have really bad break outs or if you are suffering from acne keep in mind that this is meant for light coverage. Hence it will not work miracles and give you perfect skin. I often hear people, who use BB cream, say that they don’t cover all of their break outs. They are not meant to. BB creams are supposed to cover minor blemishes and give you an even skin tone. If you want high coverage you need to go for a high coverage foundation.

I know I will be using this BB cream a lot this summer because it is so much lighter than a foundation and it won’t clog up my pores.

What is your experience with BB creams? Do you have a fave?

– xx Sophie


10 thoughts on “The Body Shop All In One BB Cream

  1. I’ve never tried a drugstore bb cream, they always seemed too dark when swatched. Currently I’m using a korean bb cream that I love! Skin 79 bb cream – the pink one. This is my first ever bb cream and im quite the fan. Works great on my fair skin.

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