A Perfect Summer Red: Mac’s Relentlessly Red


I’m a massive lipstick lover and a firm believer, that you can pull off almost every lipstick shade all year around depending on how you do it. Still I know a lot of people like to change their lipsticks as the seasons pass. Dark red shades are usually more worn in winter and pink and other bright shades such as coral are loved in summer. But still who says you can’t wear red out on a nice summer’s day? Especially if it’s the perfect summer red and I think I’ve found my perfect summer’s day red in Mac’s Relentlessly Red.


Relentlessly Red is describes as a “bright pinkish coral matte”, which is a pretty good description of the color. It is as a medium-dark, very bright coral-red with pinky undertones. The name of the lipstick might be a bit misleading though because it is definitely not a classic red shade. In my opinion it is more of a summer version of a red lipstick and it would probably look very good with tan skin. I have a bit of a tan on my arm but other than that I’m still pretty pale. Nevertheless it looks good on pale skin as well but I do think it is a color, that would really compliment a tan. Here’s a swatch for you guys!


As beautiful as this color is keep in mind, that this is a retro matte lipstick, meaning that you will need to moisturise your lips a lot better before applying this. Otherwise it will cling to every little dry patch and your lips won’t be fabulous summer lips but stained and dry. If you prep your lips with a good lip balm or moisturiser you won’t run into any problems. The lipstick itself is quite long lasting, so you don’t have to re-apply it too often. It will probably last you up to 7 hours. Lastly I have a picture for you on how it looks on the lips. Please excuse the quality though. My camera decided to be an a** today  and kept making my pictures blurry and then the battery died, so I had to use my iPod.

IMG_3669 IMG_3670

If you’re looking for a bright summer lip with a matte finish this is the lipstick you should go for!

Do you wear red lipstick in the summer? Or do you only take them out for a night out and winter time?

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– xx Sophie



8 thoughts on “A Perfect Summer Red: Mac’s Relentlessly Red

    1. I can’t think of an exact dupe right now but when it comes to drugstore lipsticks I really like the Maybelline Color Sensationals. I have one in a very bright red shade, which is great for summer. I can’t think of the exact name of it but if you just swatch a few reds you’ll sure find one that compliments your skin tone. x

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