Chicago Travel Diary (Day 1-3)

Hey there lovelies!

I’m back on European grounds. Apart from being incredible tired and jet lagged I’m quite sad to be back already. I had an incredible time in Chicago. It’s been one of my biggest dreams to go there ever since I was 11 and I still can’t believe I’ve actually been there now. The city definitely met up with all of my expectations and I miss it already. I got to see a lot of great things and made some new friends. Those of you who have been following me for a while now know that I’m an international student at a Dutch university and am still trying to learn the language. Therefore I was a bit nervous at first because I was the only not Dutch student on the trip and I was only friends with one other person there. Luckily I was nervous for no reason because everyone tried to help me with the language barrier and always made sure I was included. I made some really great new friends and got to bond with some people I already knew a little. So I hope you enjoy reading part one of my Chicago travel diary.











Day 1

After a very long and exhausting 8 hour flight and a 40 minute subway ride we finally made it to the hostel we stayed in. Almost everyone was there already because most people of our group flew from Amsterdam but I flew from Dusseldorf with a much smaller group ( we couldn’t all fit into one plane). My roommates (we shared a room with 8 people) were already waiting for me and after I had freshened up a little we went out for our first dinner. I had an amazing chicken sandwich. After dinner we walked around Chicago for a little bit but went to bed pretty soon after that because we were all jet lagged and super tired.


Day 2

On our second day we had to get up pretty early and after enjoying a cream cheese bagel for breakfast we went to Roosevelt University were we had a lecture about Chicago architecture. After the lecture the professor, who gave the lecturer, gave us a tour of the Chicago loop area. After lunch we had an architectural boat tour along the Chicago river, which was probably one of my favorite things. I’m pretty interested in a architecture and Chicago sure has some amazing architecture. The lady that gave the tour talked non-stop for 90 minutes, which was incredibly long but also very interesting. We ended off the day with a baseball game. It was the Chicago White Sox against the Indian Clevelands. Chicago won. Yay!


Day 3

Today we got to sleep in a little and catch up on some sleep. After a yummy breakfast bagel we took the ‘L’ (also known as elevated trains: Chicago’s subway/tube system) to old town. Old Town is a neighborhood of Chicago, which is pretty historical and has a lot of cool buildings. We took a tour through the neighborhood and later went to see a comedy show at the “Second City” theater. The Second City has trained a lot of comedians such as Tina Fey and Steve Carell. Usually comedians don’t really make me laugh too much but the show we went to was pretty funny and I definitely enjoyed it.

If you want to read more about my trip to Chicago make sure to keep checking back as I will be posting part 2 soon :)

xx Sophie

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