Shopping The Stash – My Most Neglected Products That Shouldn’t Be Neglected


I’ve seen quite a few of these shopping the stash posts lately and they have inspired me to go through my own make up and though I found a bunch of gems in there, that I haven’t used in a while, these products are probably the most neglected ones even though they deserve a lot more attention. So whoever is unfamiliar with shopping the stash – it basically means you go through your make up and search for products that you actually love but never really use.


First up are the Maybelline 24 HR  Color Tattoos in the colors 35 – On and On Bronze and 40 – Permanent Taupe. For my everyday make up I love using brown and taupe colors as they make my blues eyes stand out really well. After buying my first of these Color Tattoos I loved them so much I quickly added  a few more and I probably own them in 7 different colors now but as much as I love them they have one down-side to me: They are quite heavy. Especially if you take several of them. Since I’ve been doing a bit of traveling between University in the Netherlands and my parents house every few weeks I never took them with me because they took up too much space in my make up bag, so they ended up at the very bottom of my make up drawer. Now that I took them out of their I’m going to try to incorporate them more whenever I’m at Uni.


Next up are 2 gorgeous blushers. One is by Mac in the color Well Dress and one is the L’Oréal Nuance Rouge Blush in the color 110 Pêche. The Mac one is a really pretty light pink shade, which is perfect for every day use and the L’Oréal one is a light brown color, which contains some glitter particles and gives your face a bit of a sun kissed look when applied.


One thing I’m definitely not using enough is the Bobbi Brown Party to Go Pallette. This tiny little palette is, as the name already says, perfect for a night out. It includes one mini lip gloss in the color Midnight Violet. Two lip colors in in the colors Pretty Pink and Plum and three eyeshadows in the colors Rockstar, Eggplant and Charcoal. This palette includes the perfect colors for a smokey eye and some seductive lips and it is so tiny it fits into every purse. Somehow it got out of my sight and I haven’t used it in ages. Next time I’m going out this thing will definitely come along.


It’s such a shame but I barely ever use these two gorgeous Estee Lauder lipsticks. I got both of them together in a deal at Macy’s years ago. When I first had them I was constantly using them but the more my lipstick collection grew the less attention I paid to these beauties. I recently remembered how much I used to love them as they are very pigmented and shiny. 188 Rubellite is a very pretty dark pink and 118 Boise De Rose is a rather brown lipstick with some pink undertones. Both are amazing and definitely need more attention.


Last but not least is this beautiful Mac Dazzleglass in the color Roman Holiday. It’s actually quite a shame but I totally forgot I ever owned this. Maybe it’s because I hardly ever wear lip gloss and I’m much more of a lipstick person but this gloss is too pretty to ignore. It’s more of a peachy color, that isn’t too pigmented. It only adds a bit of color to your lips but it makes them look more voluminous and adds a nice shimmer.

Are you guilty of neglecting some really good products?

– xx Sophie

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5 thoughts on “Shopping The Stash – My Most Neglected Products That Shouldn’t Be Neglected

    1. The texture feels really nice and creamy which makes it easy to apply. At first I was a bit afraid that they might feel a bit heavy on the eye lid due to the texture but they don’t. I really like these!

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