My 19th Birthday (What I did & What I got)

It seems like I haven’t blogged in forever though it’s barely been a week. I never believed this would happen but I miss blogging a lot, so I decided to take a break from studying for a little while and at least tell you guys how my birthday was.

I’ve mentioned it before, that I’m in the middle of exams right now and couldn’t go home for my birthday. At first I was pretty upset about that because the thought of spending my birthday in my little room all by myself working on a paper about the Great Gatsby just didn’t sound very appealing. The day before my birthday I just kept telling myself that there are way worse things in this world and that I should just appreciate the things I have and the opportunities I get. At first that worked but on my actual birthday I didn’t really. My family would always make me an amazing birthday breakfast and bake me a cake and I’d get presents and they’d just always make sure that my birthday was really special. Even though my housemates wished me happy birthday when the clock struck midnight and gave me an amazing present, a cupcake mix, a gift card to my favorite make up store and cookies, and I woke up to 20 lovely texts full of birthday wishes it just wasn’t the same. The texts kept coming and all my friends wished me a happy birthday and asked me what I’m doing, so having to tell everyone how I was doing nothing special except for studying made me even more depressing.

At 7.30 I was just about to put on my favorite pj’s, snuggle up in my bed and watch movies when our doorbell rang. I was wondering who that could be at that time so I made my way upstairs but one of my housemates had already opened the door. I heard these familiar voices and someone asking for me. When I went to the door I couldn’t believe my eyes. Seven of my really good friends, including my best friend, had come all the way to where I live in Holland just so I didn’t have to be alone on my birthday. They even brought sparkly wine and glow sticks. Trust me, I was close to tears. I’ve only known them all for about 2 and a half years because I transferred schools after my year in Louisiana and some of them I didn’t even become friends with until shortly before graduation because I never had classes with them and only met them through mutual friends.  I even got another gift card to my favourite make up store from them and my best friend got me the matching body lotion and shower gel to my favorite body mist from the body shop.



I guess I can definitely say I’ve found some amazing friends. I still can’t believe they did this for me. You guys should have seen my face when I saw them. My jaw just literally dropped and I couldn’t say a thing and just kept shaking my head in disbelief. After I realised that they really did come all the way we all tried to fit into my tiny little room and just celebrated me turning 19.

My parents and my brother told me that they were coming the next day, so I got up early on Saturday to clean up a little. They came at around 12pm and brought me a cake. YAY


So after unwrapping my presents we all sat down (along with my housemates) to have some cake. After that we went downtown. The city I live in is really beautiful. Its located alone a river and we had lovely weather. I don’t remember the last time it was that sunny and warm on my birthday. I still remember it snowing last year.  So we did a little bit of shopping and relaxing along the river side.


At around 7pm we went to have dinner and I had the best tomato soup ever.


Unfortunately my family had to leave after dinner but still I had one of the best days.

And here’s what else I got for my birthday.


From my grandparents I got this perfume I’ve been lusting over called Flowerbomb by Viktor and Rolf. And I also got a batman onesie. Yay! This was totally on my wish list. I can be a bit of a geek when it comes to superheros. Don’t know why but I just love them and Batman is, apart from Captain America, my favorite.


My brother got me a bunch of things from the Body Shop.


My parents got me a make up brush set.


I got this beautiful pearl necklace from my parents as well. Isn’t it absoultey gorgeous? I’ve been wanting to have a pearl necklace ever since I was a little girl. I kind of associate princesses and class with pearls, so I guess this is a childhood dream come true. From my (host)family in Louisiana I got these cute little earrings in the shape of Louisiana.


I also got a bunch of lovely cards from my relatives and 4 gift cards to my favorite make up store in total. I can’t wait to place my order and get some products off my wish list.


That’s basically how I spent my birthday. Even though I expected nothing from it it was definitely one of the bet birthdays ever. Sure I got some amazing presents but what made me happy the most was the fact that they all traveled all the way just to surprise me and celebrate with me. My friends and family totally succeeded in making me feel special on my day and I don’t even think I can put in words how much that means to me.

I hope you guys had a lovely weekend!

XX – Sophie

The Beauty Procrastination Tag

Hey there,

the other day I was tagged to do the Beauty Procrastination Tag by the lovely Charlotte from xxcharlou.blogspot, If you haven’t checked out her blog I highly recommend you to.

Now I haven’t really done many personal tags, so I figured it might be fun to read for y’all so let’s get right to it.

1. Are you a very open or private person?   I’d say I’m more of a private person. I always tend to keep my thoughts and feelings to myself and there’s only a few people (probably my best friend and my brother) who I can open up to completely. I’m just more of a shy and reserved person but once I get to know someone, that totally changes and I’m not shy anymore at all but I still don’t like to share really really personal stuff.

2. If money was no object where would you move to? Don’t know. I probably wouldn’t move anywhere and go on a trip all around the world. I love traveling and being able to travel all the time and experience new cultures and learn new languages would probably be the coolest thing ever for me.

3. Who was the last person that made you cry? Last September when I moved to the Netherlands my parents and my brother dropped me off at my new apartment and when they left my brother started crying. He always acts so cool and tough, so that kind of surprised me and it was just the cutest and saddest thing ever. I hate seeing people cry, so it made me tear up a little.

4. Is there a song that can bring tears to your eyes easily? Apparently Don’t Stop Believing By Journey. I know this might be a weird choice but there’s a reason. This song is the favorite song of one of my best friends, who I met in Louisiana. She used to always to always turn up the volume when this song came on and she would sing along to it. She forced me to listen to this all the time. On our way to High School, to Friday Night Football Games, Basketball Games. They even played this song at Homecoming. The other day I had my iPod on shuffle and I probably hadn’t listened to this song since I left the US nearly 3 years ago, so when I heard it all these memories came back and I just started bawling because I miss my friends over there and haven’t seen them in ages.

5. Do you believe in soulmates? I guess so.

6.What age do people usually mistake you for? I have no idea. I think I look about my age. At least when I’m wearing make up.

7. What are you wearing? Skinny jeans, a white shirt and my favorite oversized cardigan because the weather sucks today and I’m probably going to spend the rest of my Saturday studying.

8. Have you ever been in love? I’ve had crushes but I don’t think I’ve ever been like really in love. I’m still waiting on that someone to like sweep me off my feet, make heaven and earth stand still, you know what I mean, right?

9. How tall are you? Not very tall. I like to believe I’m 5’4 because that’s what my passport says but my best friend says there’s no way I’m 5’4 because she is 5’7 and I’m still a lot shorter than her.

10. How much do you weigh? Let’s just say I’m still working on that bikini body. I’m usually between sizes 4 and 6 (US) 8 and 10 (UK) or 36 and 38 (EU)  though.

11. Do you have any piercings? Just my ears.

12. Favorite TV Show? I really liked Gossip Girl, Glee and Pretty Little Liars but I’m currently obsessed with Scandal.

13. Quality to look for in a partner? Someone who is fun to be around and genuinely nice and not judgemental. There’s nothing worse than lying and backstabbing people or someone that gives you a label the instant they look at you.

14. Favorite Quotation?


15.  Do you have any fears?  Heights, fire, cats and dark water.

16. What is your daily beauty routine? Skin care, foundation, powder, mascara and eyeliner. Sometimes I add some lipstick or blush but on a regular day nothing too crazy.

17. When going out somewhere how long does it take you to get ready? Long, I guess. I can speed it up though if I have to.

18. How organised is your make up and nail collection? It’s all separated into different bags. For me that is organised enough.

Thanks again to Charlotte for tagging me :)

If you enjoyed reading this (and I really hope you did) I’m tagging you. If you do decide to do this tag send me your links because I love reading these.

Have a lovely Saturday!

A Day In Town

Yesterday my best friend came to visit me over here and we had pretty much the best day ever. The weather was absolutely gorgeous and we had so much fun. After picking her up from the train station I gave her a little bit of a campus tour and showed her around my University.

At around 1pm we went to have lunch at this lovely restaurant, where you can sit on a rooftop and enjoy a beautiful view over the city.

IMG_2938 IMG_2937


Then we did a little shopping and I picked up quite a few things including these:

Loved this dress and it was on sale.
Loved this dress and it was on sale.


Some lovely scarfs and this gorgeous little notebook
Some lovely scarfs and this gorgeous little notebook


Bought my first crop top.
Bought my first crop top.



A little while later we treated ourselves to some ice cream and went down to the river side.

IMG_2939 IMG_2940 IMG_2942


We sat there for hours just talking and enjoy the warm sunshine and the pretty view. It was just one of the best day in a very long time and it was over way to fast.

Happy Friday, lovelies!


My Spring/Summer Faves: Favorite Eyeshadows

It’s Tuesday, which means it’s time for another one of my spring/summer faves. In case you’ve missed lasts Tuesday’s post you can check it out here. Today I will introduce my favorite spring/summer eyeshadow to you. For an every day look I usually prefer more neutral colors but every once in a while I like to spice up my look by adding some radiant colors and what better time to do that than summer?



The one on the left is Firecracker by May and the one on the right is a mini palette by Artdeco. Not only do both of them come in some of the cutest packages ever but they also are very radiant and strong colors.

Mac Firecracker

IMG_2921 IMG_2922 IMG_2923


As the name already lets you predict it this one is a pretty red color with a little hint of orange. It’s absolutely gorgeous and great to add a little color to brighten up any look.

The Artdeco Pallette



This pallette includes a light blue shade and brown shade, which reminds me very much of bronzer. Both colors are lovely and you can create such pretty looks with it. What I really like about them is, that they are very shimmery and strongly pigmented.



So these are my favorite eyeshadows to use in spring and summer. What are yours?

Happy Tuesday! XX

The Perfect Blush For Traveling

IMG_2913 IMG_2911

For those of you, who might not know it, I’m currently studying abroad in the Netherlands and since brands differ from country to country it’s really interesting to discover new brands. Hence I recently paid one of the most popular drugstore brands over here a visit and between many familiar brands ( Maybelline, Rimmel London, Loreal etc) I’ve spotted this brand called Catrice Cosmetics. They had a wide variety of all kinds of products for a very very cheap price. Since I was in need of a new blush I picked up one to give it a try. The one I bought is number 060 Strawberry Frappucino.

I cannot tell you how glad I am, I gave this brand a try. I’m in love with this blush. It includes four different colors starting with a very dark brown reddish color up to a very light pink almost creamy color. You can either use them separately or swirl them all together to create a nice pink color.



The pigmentation is just right. Not too strong and not light and it lasts all day. It comes in a little packaging that is very handy because it fits just into the palm of your hand.

The reason why this is so great to take with you when you’re on the go is because of the dark color and the light one you can leave the rest of your conturing products at home and just use this one. The very light shade functions perfectly as a highlighter.  For 2.99 this is an absolute bargain.

I’ve done a little research on Catrice Cosmetics and their products are currently available in Germany, The Netherlands, France, Spain, Austria, Switzerland and a few others. If you happen to live in one of these countries you should definitely give this brand a try if you haven’t already.

I’m going to try out more of their products for sure.

Have a great Monday! XX

My Spring/Summer Faves: Lancôme Rouge in Love Lipstick

The way the weather’s been lately I really want to say that spring has finally arrived and I can almost smell summer. The warm weather and bright sunshine inspired me to start a little series. I will be introducing one of my favorite beauty products or pieces of clothing that I love for spring and summer to you every Tuesday from now on. Since I’m a huge lover of lipstick what better way to start than with one of my favorite spring/summer lipsticks: the Lancôme Rouge in Love in the color 340B Rose Boudoir

IMG_2815 IMG_2816 2 IMG_2817


I’ve bought this lipstick about a year ago and used it a lot during summer. The color 340B Rose Boudouir is a bright pink shade with a little hint of orange and one of the bestsellers of this line. The lipstick is easy to apply and lasts all day. The reason why I tend to only wear this is in spring and summer is because the color is very bright and radiant and it reminds me of flowers and sunshine somehow. For me it’s the perfect lipstick to glam up a rather simple summer outfit. This lipsticks is very pigmented so it definitely gives a full coverage and you don’t have to reapply much. It has more of a matte finish with a hint of gloss.

Here’s a swatch.



I can only recommend this for spring and summer. I love love love it.

What’s your favorite spring/summer lipstick?

– Sophie

Favorite Every Day Scent for Spring/Summer

It’s no secret, that people like people other people who smell really good. Nobody want to be around someone, who stinks, right? Now I love my perfumes and I do own quite the collection of multiple fragrances but for spring and summer I prefer to use a light scent for every day. I hate using up my beloved Chanel, Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors etc.  fragrances because they are quite expensive, which is why I tend to use them only on special occasions or when I go out with friends or the family. On days where I do nothing but spending my time in a lecture hall, the library or with studying or grocery shopping I don’t see the point in wasting them. Yet I still want to smell good.

That’s why I totally love the Indian Night Jasmine Fragrance Mist by the Body Shop.

IMG_2707 2 IMG_2704


I know this isn’t exactly a new fragrance but it is my personal one for spring and summer. It is rather light because it’s only a body mist after all but I think it’s just enough for an ordinary day. Apart from that I prefer light scents in spring in summer anyway.

I’m not good with describing a scent but I’m just going to give it a try. It’s got a very oriental and floral type of smell and it is very feminine. You can definitely smell the Jasmines. I don’t really have a favorite flower but if I had to name one Jasmine would definitely be  on my list. It’s such a pretty little flower and it smells really nice.

What’s your favorite spring/summer fragrance?


DIY: Ocean Themed Costume



I have finally finished my costume! After hours of sewing, gluing and discussing my mom and I have finally finished it. I’m so thankful for her help because I could have never done it by myself. In case you’re wondering how we did it it’s really very easy. We went shopping and bought a plain blue dress, some pearls, a fisher’s net, little fish and, starfish and shells. My mom then sewed the green and white pearls as well as the fisher’s net on to the dress. Then we simply glued everything else on to the net and that’s it already. Here’s how it turned out.




When we went shopping for the dress we found this adorable fish purse.


I also created this headband. I just bought a sparkly headband and glued some shells and a starfish on it.



Now that my costume is finally done and I’m really pleased with how it turned out, I’m actually starting to look forward to be in the parade tomorrow. It’ll be my first time in years. The last time I’ve walked in a Carnival Parade was in kindergarten, I believe. Thanks to my friends who pretty much forced me to come with them I’m going to do it again. It should be fun though. At least I hope so.

What do you think of my costume? Can you recognise the ocean theme?

Have a lovely weekend! XX