Ready For Spring: YSL Lipstick Pink In Paris




I’ve been dying to get my hands onto to one of these for ages. I’ve always heard such great comments about the YSl lipsticks and they  just look so beautiful! Unfortunately they are quite pricey. Especially when you’re, like me, a first year student at Uni with huge amounts of course work and random schedules so you don’t even have time to get a job. When I saw that a cosmetic store over here had a 40% offer on all high-end lipsticks I could not contain my joy. I immediately went in a purchased one and I think I have found my perfect lipstick for spring. There were so many great lipsticks to choose from but I went for the Rouge Volupte Shine No.13 Pink in Paris

The name itself, ‘Pink in Paris’, already reminds me of a sunny day in spring. I don’t know why but for some reason I always associate Paris with a beautiful sunny spring day but that might just be because I went there in spring.

As the name of the lipstick already reveals it is a pretty bright shade of pink. When applying it gives your lips a very pretty shimmer, which dies down after a few hours though. But it applies very smoothly and feels so light on the lips.



Although the shimmer does not last all day I absolutely love this lipstick because it’s simply a beauty, the color is stunning, it applies so smoothly and feels great on my lips. I can’t wait to wear this in spring.

Who else is ready for more spring color?


– Sophie


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