Michael Kors Lip Lacquer

Despite me having caught a pretty bad cold and the fact that I’m two days away from my exam week, which means having to take 7 finals I’m probably one of the happiest girls on this earth right now. You want to know why? Look what the delivery man brought to my house last night!


It has finally arrived! I’ve been wanting to have this lipstick for so long now but it’s been sold out for weeks around here! Now I finally own it!

Okay please don’t think I’m just another one of these white girls that post their Starbucks coffee and Michael Kors watches on instagram – because I’m not. (I don’t even have an instagram) I do admit I’m a huge fan of Michael Kors’ products but not because their trendy right now. Honestly, I wouldn’t even buy one of his watches because I feel like they look like every other designer watch.

I absolutely adore his purses though. Why? Because in my opinion they’re elegant and classy and. They are simply timeless to me.

When he announced that he would be publishing a beauty line I was definitely curious for that and when I received a free sample of one of his perfumes (the sexy Amber one) I knew I had to have it.

This is why I really wanted to get this lipstick. If you take it out of its wrapper it looks so elegant with the gold.


I decided to go with the one called Diva because it has a nice nude tone.

IMG_2264 IMG_2262

Now can I recommend it? That really depends on what you’re looking for in the product. If you’re like me and you usually like to rock a rather nude look during the day it’s perfect. It makes your lips look more voluminous and it adds a little shimmer. If you’re looking for a lipstick with lots of color it’s definitely not the one though because this lipstick is very glossy. It’s more of a mix between a lip balm and a gloss. It does feel really good on your lips though and for me it’s just the right product and exactly what I expected.

Besides it looks great next to my perfume.

So beautiful
So beautiful

Alright. I’m done obsessing now. Sorry.

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